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Torquay, Devon,

United Kingdom

I have aspirations to be a Public Relations Individual. I want to promote the six subject areas as seen in this Jo public Relations Party Paper, the subjects include's: Christianity, Good Mental Health, Famine Relief, Equality for Disabled People, Homes for the Homeless and Space Aviation. This is what i am all about, this is who I am. This is what is important to me as a person. This is what I have been building upto all my life, since the day that I was born. God was talking to me about this even when I was in my mothers womb. I intend to publish: Jo...Public Relations Paper on a monthly basis, beginning in June 2008 which I will present on this website and on Hard Copy and they are available to purchase from this site and also from any good bookshop on Hard Copy. So thank you God and Jesus ... Amen created by Kevin Harry Lock
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