The Art Of Peace


Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere

An illustrated Introduction

by A. Westbrook and O. Ratti

illustrations by O. Ratti


Published by

Charles E. Tuttle Company : Publishers

Rutland, Vermont and Tokyo, Japan


The Art Of Peace

Morihei Ueshiba

Shambhala - Boston and London

translated by John Stevens

Shambhala Pocket Classics


Ken Harris:

Practiced Aikido with - name of club.

Kyu - Shin - Ryu, Aikido clubs

Amateur Martial Associations

120 Cromer Street, London. WC1

Tel: 071-837 4406


Instructor: Ken Hewson

Style: Ki and Aikido

First AMA License No. 112158


Grade : Examiner : Ken Hewson

5th Kyu - 9th June 1991

4th Kyo - 26th April 1992

Shokyo - 26th April 1992


Ken Harris Aikido:

Practiced with Danny DaCosta

Club Name:

Shin Gi Tai Aikido Society

B.A.B. License

Chief Instructor and founder:

D.G. Jones

Goodig Lodge, PWll Road, Burry Port. SA16 0TB - Tel: (01554) 835564

License Officer:

Alan Lee, 111 Graiglwyd Road, Cockett, Swansea. SA2 0VZ

Tel: (01792) 207463

British Aikido Board Registration

Certificate Cert. No. 109163

Expiry Date 21-10-04

Sensie: Danny DaCosta

Danny graded me to Blue Belt status.



Ki Federation of Great Britian

Club: Newton Abbott

Membership Card.

License No. M 4316

Sensie: Phil Valentine

Expiry Date: 12.03.08