A Public Relationship




Published by
Kenneth Harris
Torquay, Devon

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Thank you to Jesus and to God
for being with me throughout all the
days of my life

Thank you to Kevin Harry Lock
for working with me
and for helping me to produce
this book.

So thank you God, Amen.

Copyright: Ken Harris
April 2005

ISBN: 0-9547094-2-X

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A Public Relationship

Ken Harris


Leon studied twentieth century art and English literature with the Open University then decided that he wanted to work as a `Public Relations` individual. He attended Public Relations – at Bournemouth University but opted out half way through because it was boring but he still pursued a vocation as a `Public Relations Individual`.

He did some journalism for arts magazines and newspapers including reviewing and promoting student art at University and Christian festivals. He had a girlfriend who was training to be a minister in a Methodist church and another girlfriend who was training to be a psychiatrist.

Leon had been left a small fortune by an old friend so was able to go on holiday and buy a Victorian style house also to have a car and enjoy life.

His favourite music was: Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin etc…

Leon had an uncertain relationship with both his female friends. He was divided between both because they had to move around with their jobs. Neither partner were easy to live with and they also looked on their relationships as an open relationship.

It just so happened that they both got job placements in Torquay and Leon loved Torquay – so moved down here also.

Leon did some Public Relations work for the local Health Care Trust and got involved with Project 58 and the homeless Factory Row Project.

Leon had a close friend who owned Bay Lodge on Shedden Hill Torquay; they let Leon lodge with them when he came to Torquay.

He did a lot of freelance promotional work with newspapers etc… He was influenced by his Minister friend but he was to ditch both his girlfriends and get married to Claire - a journalist.

Previously Leon had spent time in London and travelling round the U.K. working

Talk about the original `pain` of his previous break up – really describe the pain and loss love.

Maybe Leon did the advertising campaign for a Christian Arts Festival
Maybe a campaign to alleviate the stigma of mental illness etc…
Develop Leon’s girlfriend: Psychiatrist. Develop description etc… Talk about the nature of a Health Care Psychiatrist and what it involves etc…

She is Irish but works in England. She is called Sophie. Talk about the Minister girlfriend – how she likes the Worship Band etc… She is called Lila.

Sophie has a work placement at Exeter Hospital.

Leon and Claire do promotional work for The British National Space Centre in London and also for Oxfam Relief in Sudan and third-world countries.

Claire has written several books appeared on Television and works as a Freelance Journalist for newspapers and magazines including for the Times, Telegraph etc…

Leon and Claire went on to create their own Public Relations Company. They worked together based in Torquay. They promoted Oxfam Relief and many good organisations. They travelled around the world. They had five children together and they could afford a nanny etc… They were both computer literate etc…

Leon and Claire were Christians and went to Church. They tithed ten percent of their income. Their children went to Sunday school.

Leon remained friends with his psychiatrist girlfriend and they often lunched together etc... And they talked about psychiatry etc…

Working with Oxfam was something they agreed was really worth while and sometimes they worked for nothing because it was a good humanitarian cause.

Leon especially liked working for the British National Space Centre in London. Space Aviation he said was the “future” – mans aspiration to go into space was exciting to Leon and he had many thoughts about it himself. It was a passion of his. He was enthused about it.

Claire worked on the Radio as an agony aunt amongst other journalistic work.

Leon thought that Britain should put men into space and not to just leave it to the U.S.A. and Russia etc…

Leon promotes U.K. space aviation and as a Public Relations individual he tries to get funding from other countries into the U.K. so that Britain can afford to put men into space etc… And satellites etc…

Leon and Claire – as “P.R.” individuals work toward getting more people to take interest in Third World Countries and to pay for water, food, medicine and education in poverty stricken countries etc…

One of Leon and Claire’s children suffered disability and was confined to a wheelchair. So Leon and Claire take up the cause for disabled people to assert the Human Rights of disabled people etc… And to make people more equal etc… For all disabilities, mobility, down-syndrome, Spinal-Bifida, the Blind, the Deaf, the Dumb etc… (Develop this) and Multiple-Sclerosis.

Claire does `Free` Public Relations promotional work for the Churches Homeless Trust because she knows that with a bit of bad luck, that a homeless person may be me or you! – Likewise with Third World Countries.

As a hobby, both Leon and Claire practice Aikido Martial Art in Exeter.

Leon and Claire eventually buy Bay Lodge in Shedden Hill Torquay but they spend a lot of time travelling and commuting to London and overseas etc…

Leon and Claire both are happy in their marriage to each other.
They had a lovely traditional White Wedding in Exeter and they thank Jesus and God for their adorable five children, three girls and two boys.

They both thank Jesus everyday for their good fortunate lives which are so full of good things. Leon and Claire were forty two and forty five years in age.

Claire writes about Christian ministries who go to Chad and Sudan etc…

Leon and Claire share the same birthday, they were both born on January 18th.

When Claire was forty, they had a big Party at the English Riviera Centre. They had two hundred guests.

As a family they holidayed at Centreparcs in the new forest.

Leon and Claire met at a luncheon party School Reunion, they were not school friends but they did recognise each other from school.

They knew a lot of the same people and shared some of their friends.

Leon, as a journalist wrote & writes articles about space aviation:
I think that Great Britain should be putting man into space. U.S.A. puts men into space. It is true, it is very expensive to put men into space. Great Britain needs to focus on creating & obtaining funds in order to man space shuttles, to develop a space station here in Great Britain, maybe at Exeter airport. & develop funding maybe encourage the man in the street to put his hand in his pocket & raise funds to put British astronauts into space - this will put the Great back into Great Britain.
We do not want to be left behind - Great Britain as always is capable of being a leader, a leader in space aviation.

Leon writes: Space aviation is the future, I believe as do many people that man needs to start thinking about getting a footing out in space. Maybe it is mans destiny to get out there into space - In order to save the world, mans home. We need to stop polluting the earth; maybe we could take our pollution & put it into space, & so the earth will maintain its health, as God intended. We don’t want to kill off life on earth with our pollution. Also, man is interested to see if he can survive out there in space, either by making a space station out there in space or finding a way to colonise a planet. - Space aviation offers to man the greatest challenge, & the greatest opportunity today.
Leon writes about famine relief. It is up to the richer countries: The U.K., U.S.A., & Japan, to fund South Africa, & other famine countries - it is not right that famine should continue in today’s world: We are rich enough to alleviate famine in poor countries. Oxfam is a leader in famine relief. But the man in the street in U.K., U.S.A. & Japan needs to be made to realise his own responsibility to his brothers & sisters in the world - lets face it - the price of a twenty thousand pound car, or sixty thousand pound car is not the best way of spending ones money, think of what that money could provide to famine countries. : clean water, health care, education, homes, etc.

Leon writes in the newspaper: The Bible is a living book. The Bible is the best gift God has given to man.

We should all encourage each other to receive the Good News from Jesus & to God, we should live the way God & Jesus wants us to live - we need to love, actively & help each other in this world - all those less fortunate than ourselves.

We should provide food & water & shelter for each other, the whole world over.

We should be a friend to the outcast & the less fortunate. & we should spread the "Good News" of Jesus the whole world over, but it is no good preaching to the hungry - first we must feed them!

Claire and Leon both become born-again Christians.