Festival Lovers




Festival Lovers


Alex learns about the philosophy of success and sets about making a life for himself, a life plan based on the philosophy. He soon learns that you cannot live by philosophies and that life is spontaneous. This book is a Romantic Fictional presentation. The four main characters visit a festival like the Woodstock & Glastonbury festivals. It indulges the reader in the romance of the festivals. There is description of the experience of the festivals, the music, the colour, the atmosphere & the location. They talk about God & how one is to be saved by Jesus mentioning the sinner’s prayer. They talk and experience the delight of Aikido martial art - Ueshiba`s Art of Peace & they imagine a future in outer space, they talk about the need for man to start colonising outer space. This book carries more than one message. There is the message that each of us needs to find grace from God. The message that we can all become more peaceful & integrated by becoming Aikido people & the message that the human race will save our world by colonising space & taking our pollution with us.





This is for Lyndon and also my Family and Friends

I thank my Mum for her faith in me while I was writing this book. I thank my family for their patience.

Thank you to Jesus and to God for being with me throughout all the days of my life.

© Copyright Ken Harris
First Published: September 2000
Revised and Re-Published 2004
Revised June 2006

Published by Kenneth M Harris, Torquay, Devon, England.

ISBN 0 – 9 5 4 7 0 9 4 – 5 – 4

Copy printed by Kevin H Lock, Suite 3, 29 Morgan Avenue, Torquay, Devon. TQ2 5RR. England.


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Festival Lovers

A Feel Good

Ken Harris

Ken started writing ‘Festival Lovers’ at home when age twenty-two, in 1989. It has taken sixteen years to get it to its present state, now in 2005.

It is, I believe, my biggest single achievement in my life so far. I was absolutely driven to write this book.

It has been my major focus point for all these sixteen years. I don’t think that there has been one day in these last sixteen years where I haven’t been struggling with the book – to think about it and develop it.

I have even thrown copies of the manuscript away on numerous occasions, but always, I went back to the book. I believe the message was so important.

I believe in what I am doing. I believe that I have some very important messages which I simply needed to express. It is so important to me to express my thoughts.

For my own wellbeing, I simply had to create what is now finally titled: ‘Festival Lovers’.

It was at a later stage – after I became a born-again Christian that I introduced the Christian message in the book and I think that the book introduces the person in the street to Christianity.

I believe that the Christian message the book expresses is the most important message that the book now narrates.

But, the book is not focused on what some may call – ‘Bible Bashing’. There is a lot more going on in the book apart from introducing the non-Christian to God and Jesus Christ.

For a start, there is a very important message about mans future, thoughts and ideas about whether man may go into outer-space etc… also about world population and pollution and the future.

There are ideas about Aikido, ‘The Art of Peace’ and how it relates as a philosophy – making man a more peaceful animal and also its ideas on ‘centralisation’ which fits in with thoughts about mans place in the Universe as a whole, etc…

There are four main characters: Alex, Jayne, Anthony and Cressida. These characters all go to a music and performing Arts festival – Glastonbury Festival and Double Locks Festival – like the famous Woodstock Festival. They talk about their individual faith in God and Jesus. They get married etc…

The book touches on ideas about a Philosophy of Success and its practical reality, also the philosophy of acceptance – The ‘Tao’ philosophy from Japan and China.

There is descriptive, romantic writing about the Festivals etc… which takes the reader on a journey through the book.

The book is quite intense expressing many ideas in a very short space. The story is fifty pages long with another fifty pages of developmental notes. so it is very easily accessible. The whole book is one hundred pages in total.

I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I have enjoyed creating it!

God bless you.


Kenneth Michael Harris



Alex learns about the philosophy of success and sets about making a life for himself, a life plan based on the philosophy. He soon learns that you cannot live by philosophies and that life is spontaneous. This book is a Romantic Fictional presentation. The four main characters visit a festival like the Woodstock & Glastonbury festivals. It indulges the reader in the romance of the festivals. There is description of the experience of the festivals, the music, the colour, the atmosphere & the location. They talk about God & how one is to be saved by Jesus mentioning the sinner’s prayer. They talk and experience the delight of Aikido martial art - Ueshiba`s Art of Peace & they imagine a future in outer space, they talk about the need for man to start colonising outer space. This book carries more than one message. There is the message that each of us needs to find grace from God. The message that we can all become more peaceful & integrated by becoming Aikido people & the message that the human race will save our world by colonising space & taking our pollution with us.

A Special Thank you

Thank you to Kevin Harry Lock who typed up the manuscript from my notes, and who encouraged me and talked with me and nurtured in me the belief in what I am doing with Festival Lovers. Kevin produced this book, without him the Novelette would not have developed, so thank you Kevin – Amen.

Kevin also produced my ‘Festival Lovers’ Video DVD, Jackanory style and my CD Audio Recording of ‘Festival Lovers’ - Amen

Ken Harris.



Alex was in his office at Carlton Architects Castle Circus, at the English Riviera in sunny Torquay, in Devon, England, in June at the height of summer within days of the longest day of the year, when the sun is at its highest and hottest.

He was fooling around with a colleague. Alex was leaning out of the window, wolf-whistling at some healthy girls who were walking by.

"They’re gorgeous" said Alex. "I love them; look there’s Stephanie, buxom Stephanie." "Hi Stephanie!"

Brian the other colleague said: "Alex, come on, all you have done today is womanising, and you haven’t done any work." "What’s more important ..." said Alex, "... get your priorities right, I need a woman."

Bob, his boss came into the room - "Alex, Could you come into my office at once, Walk this way."

It was a standard joke that he would emulate the boss and they would both walk like penguins!

Alex was twenty five years old, brown mousey hair, beginning to go bald on top. He wore oxtail brown brogue shoes, camel coloured trousers, a light green shirt and a silk patterned tie.
He weighed about twelve stone, was five foot ten and had blue eyes. Alex followed Bob into his office, walking like a penguin. Steve the other partner was in Bob’s office.

"Alex, how are you getting on with your kitchen and bathroom extension for Roy, You have been on that job for two weeks now, have you finished it yet?"

"No I haven’t yet" said Alex.

“You are behind with your college work as well; I know this because Mr. King telephoned me this morning. To tell you the truth Alex, Your not pulling your weight here are you."


"I am going to give you a week’s notice of termination of employment; you don’t have to work the week out though. Collect your things and go. I will post your wage packet to you."

Alex stepped out of the architect’s office, into Union Street. Alex stopped at a fruit and vegetable shop.

There were lovely ripe bananas, Golden Delicious apples, Cape apples, grapes, cauliflowers and peaches.

Alex purchased a red delicious apple, and paid the female shop assistant. Alex walked down Union Street.


"Oh hello." said Jayne.

Alex and Jayne were good friends to each other.

"Alex, would you like to come for a cup of tea?"

"Yes I would like that very much, where shall we go?"

"The Tudor Rose."

Alex and Jayne go to the Tudor Rose. They have a cup of tea together. While having tea they have a chat.

"Shouldn’t you be at work Alex?" said Jayne.
"Yes, but, um, I got the sack today."

"Oh dear, that’s a shame, you had a good job there. What will you do now?"

"I don’t know, get a job in another architects? No, I don’t think so; I’ve had enough of architectural work. Besides I’ve made a plan."

"Oh yeah, what’s that then?"

"I want to buy a classic car and buy a house worth a million pounds in one year."

"Oh Alex, how are you going to do that? Your wacky man, you’re a space cadet."

"That brings me to my plan, you know - they use plans in the Architects office. They plan each building job on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, on a wall chart, till the job is complete. Now then - it is no different if I make a plan for `my life`; the things I want to do in my life - `my life plan`!”

I want to have a space station of my own and a space shuttle to take vacations, within five years from now. "How are you going to do all of that?"

"Well, I have read these books: Success through a positive mental attitude, by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone and Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. They are the philosophy of success. I shall apply the philosophy and achieve these objectives."

"Really, how amazing."

The book: `Success through a Positive Mental Attitude` encourages the reader to make high reaching `goals` and `objectives`. You can only achieve what you set out to achieve so - aim high.

"It says in the books, `What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.` So that’s what I am going to do, and also I will be happy by accepting things as they are, by the philosophy of acceptance, which is the Tao.

It is true, we all need to have to develop and maintain a positive Mental Attitude and believing in `God` helps one to maintain a positive Mental Attitude.

All the great leaders of the world believed in `God` - To achieve anything you need to be positive and to keep persevering - but I am not sure about the philosophy you know, life is spontaneous.

The `Tao` is a philosophy from China and Japan, It is all about being in harmony with the world - being in acceptance of nature and the worlds natural way of things, The Yin-Yang : Positive and negative and likewise `White` has no meaning unless contrasted and seen against `Black`. `Up` has no meaning without measuring it up against `Down`.

Tao is about being at peace with the world. It is true what the Chinese philosophies say: The `Tao` that can be spoken of is not the real `Way` Tao is a book I read by Alan Watts.

The Tao is a philosophy of acceptance, from Japan. This book is called Tao the Watercourse Way, by Alan Watts.

Jayne and Alex finish their cup of tea and leave the cafe. Jayne says "let’s go to the Job Centre, you need a job, don’t you Alex." Alex says, "I need a job to get by until I put my objectives into action."

Alex sees a job, Books Salesman, mobile, commercial circle, books selling to business. Alex enquires about the job, company car provided, commission only.

They telephoned the boss, Andrew White. Alex gets the job. He starts on Monday. Jayne says "well done, see you later, bye."



Alex delivers books to businesses, in Exmouth, Dartmouth and all over Devon, to offices, schools and nursing homes. Some of the nurses ask for art books.

Alex pulls out a copy of the Karma sutra. They have much fun together. Alex gets caught dropping the books in the lift as the door closes.

Alex enjoys this job immensely meeting lots of people, rushing around, selling popular books - Cookbooks, Gardening, DIY, Know Your Cars, Children’s Books, Sewing, Flower Arranging.

Alex would drop the books (samples) into the customer’s work place on a weekly basis and then go back the following week and collect the orders and money as the customers requested.

Alex would have the new books with him and exchange the books for cash and cheques on arrival. The schools were the biggest clients because of all the staff - he would drop them into banks, solicitors , offices etc. - it was fun to be out and about and Alex much preferred meeting people than getting fatigued in an isolated job. Alex enjoyed the job.

Alex and Jayne some weeks later, bump into each other again. They go for another cup of tea together in a cafe. Jayne asks Alex how his plans are going.

Alex replies "Give it time."

Jayne overhears a couple of hippies talking about a festival. Jayne asks Alex, "Do you want to come to that festival of music, painting and performing arts?"


- I really enjoy Glastonbury Festival

- A boy/girl, love story

- A sky which was lovely and blue

- Going to a Cottage & a Cemetery on the way to the festival

- Granite, Cold Solid, Dense, Grave Stones,

- Grandmother, Grandfather buried at the cemetery

- Going up into the sky in a glass bottomed lift

- Hitch Hiking

- Double locks Hotel

- Ploughman’s Lunches

- Sun, blue sky, white fluffy clouds, green grass

- At the Festival

Alex and Jayne agree to go to the Festival of Music, Painting and Performing Arts, together.

Anthony and Cressida also go to the Performing Arts Festival. Anthony and Cressida hitch-hiked to the festival, they also live in `sunny` Torquay on the English Riviera in Devon.

Anthony and Cressida arrived at the festival in the heat wave, carrying their two-man tent, sleeping bags, clothes and some food.

They got off the shuttle bus and went to the entrance gate and produced their tickets, they were given wrist bands to prove they had paid.

It was a Three-Day festival, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They were given a guide of the festival which includes all the performing artists, where and when, and a map of the site.

They put their tent up next to `Gate A`. The sky was lovely and blue, with a warm breeze. Green straw-like coarse grass.

"Ah! The romance of Glastonbury Festival."

This was their second visit, the first time they jumped over the fence!

Another Music, Painting and Performing Arts celebration was at the Double Locks Hotel in Exeter. A May-Day celebration.

Alex, Jayne, Anthony and Cressida put up their tents next to each other.

This was their first meeting and they became friends from the meeting in this way at the festival - they all had mobile telephones and kept in touch.

Alex and Anthony became good friends. Alex told Anthony about the philosophy of success and that to achieve in life, you had to apply the philosophy of success and you only have the success by the amount by which you set your objectives and that the sky is the limit.

But Anthony said that he didn’t think that you can apply a philosophy and have success.

He said it seemed unrealistic. “You cannot just make things happen!”

Yes, be positive and hope, but you never know what is going to happen in life.

I don’t think it is good to be negative, don’t get me wrong, we must all be positive, but there are no guarantees in life.

But I don’t believe that there is a guarantee of success by applying a philosophy, I don’t believe that a `Philosophy of Success` is realistic, it is a figment of the imagination.

Double Locks Hotel

May Day celebration at Double locks Hotel on the Canal at Exeter. We had our first love child with us. We sat on the grass everybody was in colourful clothes hippy dress, loose clothing, tee-shirts, shorts, Doctor Martin boots, laces, net stockings, mini skirts and bra’s, tie and die, skirts and shirts in psychedelic colours. Red jerseys with yellow and white stars on it, shorts, boob tubes, army dress, sandals, hats and denim.

Feel Good Days

The weather was good sunshine, summer sunshine, an expanse of blue sky, open infinite blue sky. At night, the night sky studded with stars and space ships and space stations studded with planets, galaxies, the reflection of the sun - the moon reflecting the sun’s light.

At Double Locks Hotel Garden

This night, we walked down the canal on the mud track with our baby.

In the bar they drank.

Anthony had a bitter shandy and Cressida had a lemon drink.

There was a band playing in a marquee and beef burgers were being sold.

Anthony and Cressida had a ham and cheese ploughman’s lunch inside the pub.

There was a lead singer - two guitarists and a drummer etc., a male and a female vocalist took turns. You can’t beat Live Music!

In April

We went to Cressida’s Granddad’s house called `Summer Lodge`.

It had old stone walling, a little wooden gate to the garden with a pond in with weeds, dandelions, wild flowers, gorse, stinging nettles and rose bushes.

There were toads in and around the pond, slow worms underneath, a mat placed on the ground especially to attract the worms.

Anthony had spent some afternoons cutting back the garden to get access to the pond etc. He had cut himself many times on the brambles.

Cressida`s grandparents were getting the house renovated in preparation to sell the house – new slate tiles on the roof and walls, windows looking into the kitchen, a wooden ceiling, beams, unkempt house/cottage.

We walked down Orchard Lane to the cemetery in the middle of Torquay. We sat on a grave and Anthony started an acrylic painting of the cemetery.

Cressida put her teeth against a grave stone, she said "This is reality - we are both here living and breathing on this beautiful sunny day and here are stone cold headstones like the stone cold dead people underneath, planted in the ground." Loose earth around the grave stones sheltered by trees.

Anthony and Cressida sat on a grave pile in the shade of a big tree - the chill in the shade seemed the same as the chilling of the bodies beneath the earth, lying beneath them all over the cemetery.

This cemetery was in the dead centre of Torquay, people were just dying to get there!

We sat in the garden at Cressida`s Grand parents at Summer Lodge. Anthony talked and reflected an episode to Cressida by his Aikido teacher Phil.

Relax, lie on your back and tense your arms, lift them, hold them then drop them and relax them, then do the same with your legs - lift them, hold them, drop them then relax them, then your head, lift your head, hold it, drop it back on to the mat and relax.

Then follow my words...

"Relax - Imagine yourself in this beautiful garden then imagine that you are in a glass lift with a glass bottom. You go up in the lift. First you see the garden, then you see the edge of the garden, as you go higher then you see the town, Torquay, then you go up and see the county Devon, then up and see Great Britain, and higher and you see the world and then you go into space and you just float about in space and you stay there and float about etc. and then you come down, slowly down to the world then Britain, then Devon, then Torquay and finally back into the garden."

"What a wonderful relaxing experience that was."
Cressida said to Anthony.

"Thank you for that lovely experience." She said to him.

Cressida said to Anthony, "I want us to get married and I want God’s blessing on our life together and I want our love child

Stephanie to be christened in our faith. You know now, how we are both born-again Christians - we want God’s blessing.

Cressida and Anthony get married at Central Church in Torquay and their baby Stephanie is also christened at the same time. The Minister says to Cressida. "Now you have
God’s blessing on you and your family, I am so glad that you are both born-again Christians and that you have baptised your daughter in Jesus name. Amen."

At the festival they watch the group Sterephonics, Jules Holland and Rolph Harris. Anthony and Cressida make some friends, girlfriends and boyfriends.

They dance to Rave music in a tent and have great fun - they stay up all night and the next morning dancing.

They buy burgers and drink cups of tea; they dance round an open air stage with a black DJ performing.

Glastonbury Festival

The main stage is at the bottom of a gentle gradient. At the top of the gradient hill, the ground was congested with myriads of tents - Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green etc., then there in front of the stage was a large crowd.

There was a television (Recording) camera up on a scaffold platform in front of the stage which televised some of the artists on stage. There were big television screens either side of the stage.

The girls had braided hair with colourful beads entwined - they wore DM boots, Hippy style dress girls and Gypsy earrings.

There are stalls at Glastonbury Festival selling T-shirts and beads and dream catchers and sheepskin jackets.

There are DJs – Caravans selling burgers and teas/coffees. A Christian tent providing somewhere to sleep for people without tents and First-Aid tents.

There was a grass square in a field where they performed, demonstrated Aikido Martial Art.

There was a lot of traffic coming too and leaving the festival, much delay and congestion.

- Freedom

- Common Sense - In each chapter

- Common Consciousness.

At the festival were Hells Angels and Heavens Angels on motorbikes and tri-motorcycles.

The festival is exhilarating and exciting; I am gob-smacked at the sheer size of the festival. Acres upon acres. It is so exciting it takes my breath away.

There were girls and men with tattoos, one girl had a tattoo of a bird on her shoulder. Many people had tattoos.


Anthony and Cressida watch an Aikido demonstration at a festival; "We try to be in the centre of the action and enlarge this to be in the centre of the World and the Universe – I think we should populate space, that way we will be in the centre of the Universe.

Alex agrees to go with Jayne to the festival. Alex and Jayne arrive at the festival. They see paintings by John Miles, paintings of circles etc. and other artists.

They go into a tent where they are performing, Romeo and Juliet. They go into the dance tent, where they dance to house music and dance music. Alex says "I love festivals."

Alex sees some Aikidoists. They go and watch Aikido Martial Art, Alex talks to an Aikidoist about the principle of centralisation.

The Aikidoist says, "We try to be in the centre of the action, and enlarge this to be in the centre of the world and the universe. See: Aikido & the Dynamic Sphere, by A. Westbrook & O. Ratti, pages 69-70.

Alex says, "What do you think it means to be in the centre of the universe?"

The Aikidoist says, "I think we as a race should be thinking about colonising space, that way we will be centralised, in the middle of the universe."

"Anthony, do you think it is man’s destiny to go into space?"

Space exploration is the new frontier, space aviation is exciting, and it’s new.

Tessier Garden in Torquay

Anthony and Cressida went to Tessier Garden. They sat cross-legged in the middle of the garden. Anthony painted the Lovers Sun Alter in the garden.

The day was yet another celebration of summer with an awesome blue sky lit up with the summer sun. Squirrels ran around the garden. We were so happy here.

Anthony sits in their flat at Bay View Lodge at Shedden Hill, Torquay. He listens to his CD player;

The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix "Skus me while I kiss the sky". His window overlooks Torre Abbey sands with the beach and sea stretched out in front.

Anthony and his girlfriend Rosie dance around the flat to Alanis Morrisete. Anthony is studying with the Open University - an Arts Degree, English Painting and Performing Arts.

Anthony and Cressida celebrate their wedding reception at the English Riviera Centre. They have two hundred guests and lots of children.

The English Riviera Centre at Torquay is a lovely centre. Anthony loves the English Riviera Centre, it is so prestigious, and a lovely modern building with concrete facing, artistic corner pillars and balconies, with brown tinted glass overlooking Torre-Abbey sands.

It contains a lovely fun pool and many function rooms with a licensed bar. It is warm and friendly inside, a great venue for a celebration - you must go there if you visit Torquay.

Cressida introduced Anthony to Christianity. She told him about the Sinners Prayer. This prayer which makes a person right with God to become saved by Jesus Christ. Cressida and Anthony say and confirm their faith together:

"Dear Jesus, come into my life as my saviour to cleanse me, as my Lord to control me and as my friend to be with me now and forever and help me to serve you in complete obedience for the rest of my life. Thank you for dying on the cross to save me from my sins."

Ploughman’s lunches: Cheese, Ham, Sliced tomatoes, Green Iceberg lettuce, Cucumber, Water crest, A large chunk of Granary bread with butter, Branston pickle, washed down with a bitter shandy - Real draft beer, Speckled hen etc. with Doors music and Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin in the eating room at Double Locks Hotel.

Anthony and Cressida stop at Dave’s Fruit and Veg Shop - Cressida buys a banana for Stephanie, she has an apple, Anthony buys a pear.

At Double Locks Hotel, they sit on an outside bench table by the Canal. Anthony reads "The Times" newspaper. It shows pictures and an article on a space shuttle mission from Kennedy Space Station in U.S.A

At the festival, we stood at the main stage, there were three stages. It was very hot, a hot-dry-heat. The grass and ground was very dry.

I can’t remember what group was playing but there were thousands of people in front of the main stage watching.

He remembers a quotation from Jimi Hendrix: "Skus-me while I kiss the sky" - which is quite profound.

Everybody was stripping off; shirts were coming off in the heat.

The stages were like structures from out of space, big canopies as roofs over the stage and there were large television screens of the stage on each side - so that people at the back could see the artists performing.

Massive sound speakers either side.

The toilets were not very nice because so many people used them it was a lottery to get a decent clean toilet – but they were better than the year before, they cleaned the toilets this year.

We walked around the festival, the ground was littered with polystyrene and cans from people eating and drinking.

Anthony used his mobile telephone and rang his friends up in London and Torquay - His friends were jealous that they could not make it to the festival.

One man was walking round the festival naked with a piece of cardboard stuck to his anatomy to display himself.

Some girls went topless.

Everybody was drinking bottles of Spring Water. Hitch hiking on the way up - Anthony and Cressida argued in the back of a Camper Van. They went home on a train.

The blue sky. Blue looking right out into space, the open, un obstructed sky, outer space, infinite space, open, vast vacuum of space.

[Alex had been trying to live by the philosophies]




Alex telephones Mary up.
"I can’t cope, everything I try to do fails, I feel desperate."

Mary says,
"Have you thought of seeing my philosophy teacher?"

Alex goes to see the philosophy teacher, and says…
"Oh, I can’t cope, Everything I do seems to fail."

The Philosophy teacher says –

"You are suffering from stress due to trying to live by the philosophies you have read, you cannot live by the `philosophy of success` because it is unrealistic!
If you set your goals very high as the philosophy suggests that you do, you actually only set yourself up to fail. Your objectives are unrealistic and unachievable. So the philosophy fails. Life is spontaneous."

Alex sees a book called Right with God, written by John Blanchard. It talks about how to become a born again Christian.

Alex prays …

"Dear Jesus, come into my life as my saviour to cleanse me, as my Lord to control me and as my friend to be with me now and forever and help me to serve you in complete obedience every day of my life from now on, and thank you for dying on the cross to save me from my sins."

So Alex becomes a born again Christian.

A couple of months later he is feeling okay again.




Jayne telephones Alex up after five years. She catches Alex and his wife Anne Marie in the middle of love making.

It’s very funny and they laugh about it.

"Hi Jayne, It has been five years since we have seen each other. Come round to my house, Nettle Lodge, after one o’clock as I am at Church till twelve."

At Church, Alex listens to the sermon, which goes like this:

"If you can imagine space continuing forever, or if you think of space coming to a wall and you wonder what is on the other side to that wall then you can by the same token of the imagination, believe in Jesus Christ and God, by the same stretch of the imagination - and there is a lot of evidence that Jesus lived."

“It is through ‘Faith’ in Jesus, that we are Saved”

Jayne comes round. There are ten children in the house…

"Wow Alex, you’re amazing, I see you have a classic car, and this house must be worth a million pounds. You have lived by the philosophies and have succeeded, and accept everything. Wow you’re amazing, and your ten children."

"Wait a minute Jayne; I got help from a philosopher with regards pursuing my philosophies, okay I got the car, but the house is only worth three hundred thousand and half of it is my wife Anne Marie’s. Only three of the children are mine."

Jayne sees all of Alex’s space ornaments and posters everywhere.

"You are going into space though aren’t you Alex?"

"On no Jayne, It is simply a hobby of mine. It is a bit premature, for this day and age, anyway I am a born again Christian now and go to Church and pray."

Imagine there were astronauts up there in space floating around in their white and silver space suits, space shuttles, space stations floating in space, further than Anthony could see from the grass field he was standing in at the festival – But he knew from reading "The Times", that they were on another mission in space.

Aikido is a graceful art founded by Moreihe Ueshiba in Japan. The Aikido artist defends himself.

The Aikidoka`s wear white clean Aikido Cotton Suits - The same outfit that Judo people wear - a white cotton trouser and jacket with a coloured belt going through the grades:

• White
• Yellow
• Orange
• Green
• Blue
• Brown
• Black

Black is called a Dan grade and they had been taught by third Dan and sixth Dan grade on the grass.

Aikido moves: Ikkyo and Cotogieshie


Nikky - Wrist Lock

Tenchi Naggi - Heaven and Earth throw

Rolling Cotogieshie - Outward wrist twist

Aikido is graceful using the attacker’s energy and momentum against himself to over balance him and lead him to the ground with as little pain as possible.

Aikido has the highest ethical motivations. Aikido is founded by a Japanese man called - Moreihe Ueshiba.

Ueshiba`s inspirational teachings show that the real way of the warrior is based on compassion, wisdom, fearlessness and love of nature.

Ueshiba`s (Aikido) `Art of Peace` offers a non-violent way to victory gracefully dissipating the attack without harming the attacker.

Another name for Aikido is: "The Art of Peace".

Cressida was fascinated by Aikido - It was ideal for a girl because you do not need to be strong to be able to practice Aikido successfully.

Cressida was a Blue-Belt in Aikido. She knew the moves: Nikkyo, Shi-o-Naggi, Tench-i-Nagi, Gokkyo, Sankyo etc…

She knew an artist who painted beautiful paintings of Aikido. Anthony studies with the Open University Arts Degree - But he works selling fruit and vegetables in the mean time.

Cressida works in a nursery with young children and looks after Stephanie. Cressida wants more children, she is very maternal. Cressida is a fully developed girl, large breasted and full figured hips.

She is a brunette – dark complexion, not coloured - She is British. She is a joy to be with; she has a great sense of humour and a deeply devilish laugh.

It was exciting to come to the Festival, it was also a bit scary because here are some really weird people who go to Glastonbury Festival people who are in to really weird things such as Witch Craft and eating the afterbirth of a new born baby etc..

Anthony, in response to Gods unfailing blessings, decided that he would tithe – he did this for some months and intends to do so for the rest of his life, in response to Gods unfailing love since he became a born-again Christian.

Tithing is: Giving 10 percent of ones earnings to charity to promote Gods work in the world and to help those in need – ten percent of ones income to those who need the help, those who are less fortunate than ones self.

An emotional rush.

It was an absolute joy to come to this festival - it is a celebration - a celebration of `life` - a celebration - a celebration - life is a celebration, everything in life is a celebration – we are all so lucky to be alive - praise to Jesus.

This Music Festival is a celebration of music; it is a celebration of freedom, freedom of expression – a celebration of colour, art, dance and even love.

Anthony and Cressida - it is a joy to be together, an absolute joy. We share much laughter together, we really laugh together, and our relationship is emotionally so full-filling, full of all good things, full of good things from God.

We spend an eternity in the cemetery but today we are alive, we are full with being alive - life really truly is a celebration – so everybody, let’s say it - today happy day – today is a celebration.

We are so very happy today, today and everyday - we are alive!!

The cemetery, a cold dark place, sitting on a dirt pile grave, earthy and dirty - makes you feel like aching bones, makes me think of my decaying teeth, my teeth have been filled, they have holes in them, my decaying teeth, like death, decaying, cold, black, decaying teeth, decaying even while I am alive - oh my decaying teeth.

At the festival: The sun was shining on everything - hot, glorious, sunshine.

These guys were talking about the United Kingdom space strategy and new frontiers, they belonged to the British National Space Centre in Buckingham Palace Road in London: Small Satellites; Launch Systems; Space Environment; Life in Space; U.K. Space Activities; Satellite Communications; Staring at the Sun; Sun Storms; N.A.S.A.; John F Kennedy Space Centre Florida.

The space shuttle is the first true aerospace vehicle. It takes off like a rocket, the winged obiter, then manoeuvres around the Earth like a space ship and lands on a runway like an airplane.

The International Space Station includes contributions from N.A.S.A., Japan, Canada and Russia and European Space Agency. This guy offered: `Orbit Sugar Free Chewing Gum`.

Twenty First Century, Space Aviation Programme.

Cressida had a meal without having any money - she had a three coarse meal - The manager called the police.

At home, three policemen called on Cressida. Cressida said to them "Ello, Ello, Ello" - they laughed and arrested her.

On another occasion Cressida was surprised by two Policemen as she came out of a telephone box. Cressida startled, said "Hello"! They laughed.

Another occasion Cressida broke into a hotel then she rang the police and told them - they came and arrested her.

Cressida had been very wild in her late teens and early twenties.

Some girl tried to kiss Anthony and this got Cressida fuming, she got really angry about this.

Then this girl said to Anthony "What are you doing with her - referring to Cressida. Cressida overheard this so she punched the girl in the face a few times and the girl hit the deck.

Then the Festival wardens intervened. Cressida and Anthony laughed about it later.

The Prime-Minister (Margaret Thatcher) Advocates:

We should think about the family unit and the strength of our own family unit.

We should go out into the world and fight to keep our own family unit together to keep it and protect it.

But I say this: We should not just think about our own family unit, we should think about the human family - the whole of the human family.

If we only think of our own family then we may destroy everyone in thinking and fighting for our own family such as war on other nations etc…

We must think about everybody to make this world a better place to live in.

An example of only looking after our own families and not looking after the Human family was: The Hiroshima Bomb - That bomb ruined the lives of many people - We must all become humanitarians. Another like Moreihe Ueshiba and his Aikido.

Ueshiba said "My Aikido is not for one elite party or group of people, but for the whole Human Family". We must think about everyone - as our own.

Anthony and Cressida had a good solid relationship, the centre of their relationship.

Their relationship was based on a good solid ground. They were deeply in love with each other.

They used to fight together though as well. They threw things across the room, cups which would smash on the wall etc...

But when they made up they would make up by making love with each other and their love making was very good and very wholesome and full. They had a deep-love relationship...

Cressida finds five hundred pounds in a carrier bag in a park. She takes the money to the police station. Later, they contact her: a couple were on their honeymoon and had forgotten to look after their money, they were so pleased to recover the money and it saved their honeymoon.

They gave Cressida a fifty pound reward.

Anthony said how wonderfully proud he was at Cressida`s honesty with the money.

It was so wonderful to think that she saved the couples honeymoon.

Anthony and Cressida see a production of Shakespear`s "Hamlet" at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth.

They study "The Rivals" by Richard Sheridan together.

Anthony studies "The Rivals" with the Open University and Cressida studies it for the fun. Cressida acts in a production of The Canterbury Tales, See How They Run and some pantomimes. Cressida is a real arty person.

She paints, acts, writes poetry and short stories and sings.

She sings a song that she made up called: Talking, which goes like this . . .

"Talking lazy, talking crazy, talking about the way I feel, talking about the way that I see, talking about good things, talking about you and what you see... Etc... Talking about our life and about our air, talking about the day as it be etc...”

Cressida wrote a poem called “I’ve been in Love, I Can Tell a Love Story" which she got published.

She did a painting of a garden and Tessier Garden and some portraits.

Cressida passed her driving test the second time and drove a Vauxhall Viva which her dad had bought for her.

She reversed into an on coming lorry and hit the wall at the back of Mother-Care.

Anthony drove seven and a half tonne Lorries delivering fruit and vegetables down to Dartmouth, Kingsbridge, Brixham, Torquay and Slapton and up to Barnstaple etc...

He used to eat the fruit from off the back of the lorry: Grapes, Apples, Satsuma’s, Bananas and Strawberries etc... He started work at four in the morning and finished at twelve lunch time so he had half a day free to study with the Open University.

Anthony had acted in Jack the Ripper and Dick Whittington pantomimes. Anthony and Cressida both got on so well because they had so much in common: They were both Christians and both arty and they both liked children.

Anthony had lived in Devon all his life. He had hitch-hiked to London three or four times and stayed with friends - then he hitch hiked to Paris and met an American guy and toured Paris with him.

He went up the Eiffel Tower with a girl friend that he met. Cressida also did a painting of Tessier Garden in Torquay, she sold prints of this painting and other paintings that she had done.

Cressida`s daughter Stephanie was sweet, she was blonde with blue eyes and had a lovely nature, she was only five years old. Cressida read a lot of books mainly autobiographies and biographies also she read the Bible everyday and said her prayers.

One of her favourite books was "Portrait of a Marriage" about Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicholson. She read "The House that Jack Built" to her daughter, a wonderful nursery rhyme.

Her favourite autobiography was called "As it Happens" by Jimmy Saville. He is a truly lovely man. She had a big picture book about: Pablo Picasso.

She had studied twentieth century art at the college and was fascinated by its history. She most likes the "Expressionist" movement.

Cressida often said to Anthony how she could: “Feel the hand of God moving in my life” the different things that seemed meant to happen, coincidences etc… I really can feel God moving in my life.

There were Daisies all over the grass, Jayne’s favourite flower. Daisies are so simple. It’s a beautiful day, a beautiful, beautiful day.

Jayne had liquid crystal blue/green eyes that shined in the summer sun. Alex had `come to bed` eyes.

Her eyes reflected the light and it felt so good to stare into her eyes, it felt like reviving your health.

It was a relaxing and wholesome feeling to be consumed in her gaze, empty consuming space – it was like staring into the Cosmos to look into her eyes.

Aikidoka: Aikido man:

I think we should be colonizing space now, outer space, that way we will be getting more centralized in our universe, you know this idea called `centralization` is part of the philosophy of Aikido.

We have a man made world and a natural world – the natural world is all of nature for millions of years – I call this the "external" world and the man made part of the world - the part that man has made - this I call the "interior" world.

The natural world is becoming fatigued - stifled - suffocated by the man made world. I think that man should be thinking of getting the interior world out into outer space and leaving the natural world – the "external" world as it is naturally - as it has been for millions of years.

We need to lift off from Earth and leave it in its natural state and this way we can always come back to it as our home.

We do not need to leave the world - we are not in a thousand years ready to do that, but we can start thinking about colonizing the stars and other planets.

(They?) It is exciting to think of space exploration – it is also very scary so many lives may be lost in space aviation but surely it is mans destiny to explore the Cosmos - Outer Space.

It is true that we do not even know the oceans and vast seas and depths of the sea, but surely, space aviation is the biggest and going to be the most rewarding challenge.

Space is a gift from God. Isn’t it lovely to look into the night sky at night, the stars and moon etc... We have satellites in space enabling us to have Sky T.V and mobile telephones.

We can take our man made objects with us and so let our world breath again so that our world will not get congested and suffocated by our pollution.

We can take Shakespeare and art paintings and literature and plastic and pollution with us.

It is time that we populate the planets and let our world maintain its own health.

All the vegetation and birds and animals and fish in the sea and wildlife, leave them here before we make them extinct.

There are so many people now that we must emigrate into space.

The world is not big enough to cater for many more people at the expense of the natural world and wildlife etc...

All these new people - we need to reach for the stars and make space for the world. We must not suffocate our world - it is for our own safety - security, interest for our own future.

The world will always be mans first home but the population is getting so big that we need more space and we don’t want to ruin the Earth with all the extra pollution etc… of more people - we must therefore emigrate into outer space.

What do you think!!? …



Alex and Anthony, Jane and Cressida all enjoyed good mental health; but they all knew friends who had suffered ill health, mental distress, breakdowns and mental illness.

They had all learned that to obtain and maintain good mental health, it is always good, as a therapy, to be honest and open and to talk. Talking is the best therapy in the world, they all agreed.

One must trust people - trust care workers, counsellors, psychiatrists and nurses; who have the best interest in mental health in Great Britain.

Now read on for the full ‘Festival Lovers’ message.


• Develop the Mental Health theme throughout the novel.
• The Lyrics to the song: Talking? Life’s a celebration?
• The words to the poem: I’ve been in love, I can tell a love story.
• Rolling Stones and Hendrix – name some of their tracks.
• Talk about the success of Mick Jagger as a positive icon? Example to people.
• They visit a Christian festival in Torquay, Torre Abbey Meadows called “New Eden” in July over a weekend: Music and Arts Festival.
• Mention: Norman Warrens leaflet: Journey into Life.

• Mention: a children’s bible makes learning much more easily accessible to the new Christian than the more heavy weight Bible and that a recommendation to an illustrated bible is: The Lions Children’s Bible written by Pat Alexander.
• God’s intention to new believers is to give you: a life not to harm you – but to prosper you, to give you hope and a future: etc
• Develop the Tao theme? (How?)
• Develop the Aikido description and nature and health aspects and confidence building and intentions etc…
• Develop the Mental Health theme throughout the book.

• The Mental theme, also hyper mania
• Talk about G.P. – as the first port of call if someone is worried about a mental health issue then the counsellors and psychiatrically trained counsellors, then Doctors including Psychiatrists as an outpatient and mild medication such as tranquilisers and mood stabilisers and anti-depressants (and side effects), also discuss the stigma of mental illness and associated topics, then hospitalisation and serious mental illness, tablets, liquids, injections – psychotherapy, intrusive thoughts etc… Voices etc… Cognitive therapies, psychologists, care in the community – Care homes for mental health problem people and the light at the end of the tunnel, getting well again? Etc…

Mental Health Theme

Everyone is an individual and must find their own way through life.

Talking – the best therapy
Believing in God helping one through problems.

God teaches us more through hard times than through good times. God promises to be with the believer through all difficulties.

Building and developing our reliance on Jesus and God and developing our character, never allowing anything to overwhelm us – always providing a way out etc…

• God has a “purpose” for each of our lives, He chose is and planned us even before we were born etc…

Aikido is a martial art, but it is unlike other martial arts, its essence is not about fighting or war or aggression by its very nature, it is about maintaining, obtaining and creating peace between people, it is about loving the enemy. Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King would like Aikido, they both promoted peace i.e. Passive Resistance.

From the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible

Psalm 16

Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure.

The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.

My body also will rest secure, because you will not abandon me to the grave. You have made known to me, the path of life.

Psalm 88

O Lord, the God who saves me, day and night I cry out before you …



The Christian Theme

The Bible is alive; the Bible comes alive and talks to you when you read it.

Christians make wonderful friends, they can talk to you about God and they encourage you to a good and healthy life and happiness.

People who have asked God and Jesus into their life and have faith in God – they are some of the happiest, healthiest and delightful people that I know.

God works for the good of everything to people who put their trust in Him.

God bless Mother Theresa

Let our purposes in life be: To bring glory to God

Our Prayer: To fulfil God’s purpose in this life.

My friend said:

“The best day of my life is not the day that I get married; the best day of my life is the day that I asked Jesus into my life”

God loves you – written in the sand on a beach when the tide was out.

Alex and Jayne look into the shop window of the Harbour bookshop (In Dartmouth). In the window they see on display: Success through a Positive Mental Attitude and also Think and Grow Rich.

The Heaven’s Angels had large white crucifixes on the back of their leather jackets and instead of the name of the motorbike on their fuel tanks, they had printed in chrome “Jesus” (or “Jesus Loves You”).

The tri-motorcycles looked really mean – it made them (Alex, Cressida, Jayne and Anthony) reflect on the novel: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Prige? A best seller.

Oily motorcycles with the usual lovely sound of the Harley Davidson machine which I am sure you can hear in your ears right now. The bikers go to Living Waters Pentecostal Church.

They went to the “New Eden” festival. They went to another Christian Festival of Music and Arts. At the Festival they learn these things (about God and themselves and their relationship with God etc…)

God chose us to be who we are today even before we were born.

God has a purpose for our lives.

God teaches us and builds our character when we face difficulties in our lives.

Jesus comes into our lives and He promises never to leave us.

God has a place for us in Eternity.

Madonna, she is a wonderful woman, she made an amazing appearance at the height of her career on stage in her home town of Detroit.

I love Madonna in a wonderful way. She is all girl, she is all woman, God bless Madonna.

Include disabled people in this novel. Do they attend the festival, are they present in the café scenes etc…

They had a ride on the tri-motorcycle around Torbay. Jayne mentioned to Cressida about a book she had read called: The world’s greatest lovers.

The book mentions: Casanova, Pablo Picasso, Marie Antoinette, Errol Flynn, Catherine the Great and others. They were described as being highly sexed. Jayne and Cressida laugh about the book etc…

Jayne tells Cressida about her sister who had experienced mental health problems and that she had been hospitalised but that now hopefully praise to Jesus that she was making a recover after many years.

Rolling Stones songs:
Jumping Jack Flash, Shattered.

Jimi Hendrix:
Purple Haze, The Wind Cries Mary, Hear My Train a Coming, Foxy Lady, Machine Gun.

Janis Joplin:
Piece of My Heart, Me and Bobby McGee.

The Doors:
Love Me Two Times

Jayne, Cressida, Alex and Anthony all stay away from illicit drugs and narcotics at the festival. Drugs can bring on mental illness, drug induced psychosis and ruin lives etc…

There is nothing clever about taking drugs or drinking too much alcohol etc… Life is too good for that so what’s the point!

They have high regard and respect generally for the police for police constables etc…

They do such a good job for society and a hard job and a difficult job. There was a police presence at the festival.

There were outdoor showers at the festival. It was so good to have a wash and to be clean and fresh.

There were many families at the festival, parents and their children, even babies and five year olds. The festival is actually quite safe, just stay away from drugs and drink etc…

The Heavens Angels carried a pocket size Bible which they kept in a leather pocket on their belts.

The Title Page:

My prayer is:

To fulfil God’s purpose…

Alex says: My favourite story in the Bible is that of King David; because he was true and glorified God his whole life, through the gates of death and into Heaven.

What about the idea of Sex Transmutation as an idea in today’s climate of H.I.V. and A.I.D.S. People can transmute sexual energies from sexual relations into Art and Business etc…



I have enjoyed writing:

Festival Lovers - I have spent sixteen years on this project already.

I have an ambition to make a film based on this book.

I have been to Glastonbury Festival, practice Aikido and go to Church.



Festival Lovers 2006

Title Page

In this book I want to promote:

• Christianity
• Good Mental Health
• Famine Relief
• Equality for Disabled People
• Homes for the Homeless
• Space Aviation


• Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude
• Think and Grow Rich
• Tao, The Water Course Way
• Aikido and The Dynamic Sphere
• The Bible
• Journey into Life
• Right with God


Alex wants to buy three – one million pound houses in England, Japan and America.

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desire of your heart.

Alex wants to take a space-shuttle flight and land on the moon.

Christianity to be the main theme of the novel. Quote generously from the Bible:

Dear God: shine your face upon us.
Give us faith in you, the size of a mustard seed and make that faith grow into a big tree.
Give us faith in you equal to that of King David.
The Bible is a living book.


A Prayer:

Dear God, please sustain us. Protect our hearts and protect our thoughts. Lead us, guide us, enable us, inspire us into your will and shine your face upon us in Jesus name, Amen.

Chapter One:

We pick up the story with Alex at the ‘New Eden’ Christian Festival at Torre Abbey sands in Torquay.

Alex is talking to a psychiatrist – the psychiatrist is explaining to Alex: if you suspected yourself or someone close to you as experiencing ‘mental health’ problems or ‘mental distress’ or other – the first port of call is your G.P. and your G.P. will assess you when you present your case to him.

They go on to enjoy the festival. Alex asks questions and Dominic the Psychiatrist tries to answer them.

Festival Lovers 2006

Alex and Jayne go to Torre Abbey sands beach at six a.m. in the morning, in the summertime. It is fresh at that time of the morning, crisp, cold, lovely clear blue sky, with light wispy clouds.

They get changed at the beach and have a swim in the lovely, cool, refreshing salt sea water of Torbay.

They run and laugh and splash each other in the sea. Alex and Jayne really love each other. They are so happy together. They leave their clothes in a pile and walk along the beach.
They see, written in the sand, by some youngsters, with a stick, they see this, written in the sand:




... Amen

Alex experiences the lost love from splitting up with Jayne. He forms a new relationship and eventually marries and has three children with Anne-Marie who he has known since his teenage years. Anne-Marie is a nice ‘Christian’ girl.

They move into the house overlooking Torre Abbey sands.

What is Alex’s job? Alex becomes a ‘Public Relations’ individual – what does he promote? Does he work for Torbay Council – in Tourism?

At the ‘Living Angels’ festival, the preacher says:

‘God has a purpose for each of our lives’.


‘God has a place for us in eternity’.

Jayne’s sister experiences mental health problems – this comes out when talking with Alex and Dominic – she was hospitalised etc…

Anne-Marie’s dad is a millionaire. He has a business, a factory that makes and engineers nuts and bolts – she pays for most of their house.

Festival Lovers 2006

Jayne and Alex visit a bookshop in Dartmouth, they look in the window and they see a copy of the New International Version of the Bible, also the Lions Children’s Bible.

They go into the shop and have a look at lots of books including: Success through a Positive Mental Attitude and Tao, The Water Course Way, etc…

Alex reads from one of the Psalms that he finds, chances on in the Bible: ‘Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desire of your Heart’.

At the festival.

Jumping on the stage and rolling about on stage. Everyone put their hands up in the air to the music. Tom Tom drums, trumpets, saxophone, shakers, rattles, tambourines and sunglasses.

Couples together in love. Campaigners to stop the killing of Whales and endangered species. Dreadlocks, girls in shoulder strap dresses, didgeridoos. People silhouetted in the sunset sky. Cooking breakfast in front of the tent, eggs and bacon etc…

Joseph and his Technicolor dream coat. Yoga, morning exercises, stretching, bending and breathing etc…
The festival lasts for three days – Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We stay the three days.

Dear God, please, help us to hunger and thirst for your word. Please do write your word upon our hearts, put your word upon our lips.

Help us to love you with all our minds, with all our hearts and with all our strength.

Help us to meditate on your word day and night.

Festival Lovers 2006

Jayne and Alex drive through the country roads to Dartmouth. They go across on the passenger ferry. In the glorious sunshine, the river water was gleaming in the sunshine. The water wheels of the ferry went round and round, driving the ferry across the river, splashing water up etc…

There was a lovely cool breeze in the air.

Glorious sunny sunshine. It was early morning, about eight a.m.

For lunch, Alex and Jayne lunch at the Royal Castle on the Harbour side, in Dartmouth.

Alex had to survey a house for his work at Carlton Architects.

His boss had said that it was alright to take Jayne to help on the survey to hold the tape measure instead of one of his colleagues, as it was an easy job to hold the tape measure, which Jayne could easily do.

All the professional work, sketches etc… and structural survey, Alex was quite capable of doing on his own.

Jayne had jumped at the chance of coming on the survey with Alex.

The job, they were working on, was a little cottage called, Abbey Cottage and the job was to build a kitchen and bathroom extension at the back of the cottage.

There were no occupiers in the cottage as it was going to be used as a holiday home.

So Alex and Jayne were able to be alone together in the cottage. So they were able to have fun with each other there and enjoy themselves freely etc… Ha!

Festival Lovers 2006

On the way back from Dartmouth, to Torquay, where Jayne and Alex live, they stop at a Christian book shop called Torbay Words.

They look through the literature there. They overhear some people in the shop talking about a monthly social evening that is being held at the Brunel Manor Christian Centre on the Teignmouth road on the way out of Torquay, and on the way to Maidencombe.

Jayne and Alex go to the next meeting at the Brunel Manor.

At the Brunel Manor, Alex bumps into one of his teenage friends, a girl called Anne-Marie who is now twenty-five.

She is now studying to become a Methodist and local preacher.

The discussion at the manor was around Norman Warren’s leaflet: ‘Journey into Life’.

The leaflet says: ‘What is a Christian?’ and ‘Should I become a Christian? And if so, how?’

They were talking about whether people could circulate the leaflet to their friends. They talked and enjoyed the evening, drank coffee and enjoyed a buffet. The D.J. was playing trance music etc… there was about forty people present; most of the people were from local churches.

There was a lovely pretty girl, who was disabled, but she was intelligent, she found it difficult to co-ordinate physically and also had difficulty communicating: but she tried hard. She was such a pretty girl, she was called: “Kath”. She helped to alleviate discrimination of Disabled people. People need to be seen for their individual strengths, intelligence and personalities and their need to be included, socially with everybody – just the same as everybody need to be accepted and included, including all types of mental and physical disabilities and conditions. Isn’t it good that we now include disabled people into Sport etc… we really do need to stop discrimination.

We can all become homeless – let us all support the homeless through: Charities such as ‘Shelter’ and ‘Crisis UK’, ‘Langley House Trust’ and International Charities.

Festival Lovers 2006

A Christian Festival – develop the Christian festival theme. The Torquay Eden festival?

Bring ‘water’ into the book, sparkling spring mineral water – drinking and plunging in. Refreshing, river water, splashing, bathing, showering, washing, cooling water, thirst quenching and revitalising.

Develop description of grass, green lush grass, wet grass, clumps of grass at the river edge, flourishing grass, succulent grass, fresh grass, festival grass, reeds of grass, thick grass, long grass, short grass, thin grass, course grass, lithe grass and green/yellow grass.

Use imagery of 23rd Psalm: ‘he leads me to lie down in green grass, leads me to fresh water, keeps me safe in the dark valley of the shadow of death. I will come to live in the house of the Lord forever.’

Mention the International Space Station.

The title page: ‘Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart’. (also enlarge this and give to project 58), for first page of the book.

‘Do what God wants and He will give you all you need, you can trust Him!’

They look through a copy of the Bible.
Oh, it’s a wonderful ‘Christian Festival’.

Alex meets Anne-Marie, a girl friend who is studying to become a ‘Local Preacher’. Anne-Marie mentions to Alex at the festival, the work of ‘Christian Aid’ and how they are helping people in poor countries to survive famine etc… in places such as Angola etc… Also the work of ‘Shelter’, the homeless organisation.

When Alex and Jayne go to Glastonbury festival, they arrange to meet up with: Dominic, the psychiatrist there. They talk some more about the promotion of:

‘Good mental health’

Jayne works for the Disability coalition. She helps disabled people to get jobs and get back to work and also alleviate discrimination in a positive way. She helps arrange job placements and provide disabled facilities.

It is forecast that people will be able to take ‘Space holiday’ flights in the next couple of years.

Dominic and Alex talk about ‘Good Mental Health’ and state of the art health service in today’s world in Great Britain etc… Dominic believes in ‘Hope’ and offering ‘Hope’ to all people who experience mental health problems.

Anne-Marie writes ‘Christian’ journalism for National newspapers and also does some local preaching at various churches.

Festival Lovers 2006

At Glastonbury, there are open air taps and shower facilities to clean your teeth and wash etc…

Green, yellow, brown grass, hay, straw, straw like grass.

Dance tents, bands, live bands rehearsing and playing on stages and in tents. The bashing of cymbals and drums, acoustic guitars. Live singers, the front man.

Theatre, hot dogs, cheese burgers, jacket potatoes. Tea and coffee served in polystyrene cups, paper plates etc…

Anne-Marie is the leader of a ‘Christian Talk Group’, who meet each week at a Drop-In-Centre, in Torquay.

Singers shouting out their lyrics and their songs. Buskers on site. Bottles of lemonade and water, vegetarian meals, traders selling all sorts, clothing etc… Puppet show. Pink died hair. Harpsichord.

Children running free.

Trees and bushes.

Hot air balloon floating in the air above the site campus.

Soul music, soul singers, harmony, sunbathing, sunbathers laying on their backs on the hot ground.

Lovers kissing and caressing each other, families, fire jugglers, fire eaters, fair ground rides, amplifiers, sunset, the moon in the sky at night. People wearing hats, swings, comedians performing, giggling.

Flashing stage lights at night lighting up the stage, the people, the crowd and the sky. Darkness, walking round the site at night, torches to see in the dark, dancing, mayhem.

Grill chefs, books for sale, ponchos. The big wheel fair ride with lights on at night.

Festival Lovers 2006

Dominic and Alex were at the festival, talking about the promotion of ‘Good Mental Health’.

Jayne also knew Dominic, because Dominic had doctored and nursed Jayne’s brother – Dave, who had been diagnosed with Bi-polar effective disorder and manic depression.

Jayne mentioned David’s case, where he had married his wife and they had a daughter. But after the child was five years old, David had discovered that he was not the father at all. This sent David into a state of distress, then stress.

He was admitted into hospital, suffering from clinical stress and depression.

Because of his hospitalisation, his wife left him, because she was scared of his illness, his new label of ‘Mental Illness’.

Because his wife left him and took their daughter with her, Dave lost the two people he loved in the world the most, even though the daughter was not his, he loved her.

Because of this loss, he went into deep, manic depression. It then took David, ten years to recover. He was on a lot of medication for a very long time.

It took David ten years to get his life back together again. David spend initially, two years in hospital and then lived on Hostels etc… for a very long time.

David says it was only his faith in Jesus and God in Heaven that helped him to recover and the support of all his Christian friends.

Also the care of the psychiatrists and psychologists and care workers, nurses and counsellors etc…

Noise, lots of noise.

‘Free’ people, people smiling, people laughing, people having fun.

Good times being had. Surrealism.

Kaleidoscope colours, somebody playing the penny whistle.

Camper vans on site, a big sign saying ‘Toilets’.

Mohican hair styles.

People singing and playing their guitars that they brought from home.

Cut off jeans, sun tan lotion, camp fires, people just sitting, watching, long hair, trampolines for the children to play on.

Children on bicycles. Open air theatre. Unicyclist, circus acts, coloured people, Africans, Jamaicans, Caribbean’s, Asians.

Panoramic views, hand painting, hand printing, face painting, travellers, gypsies, wood carving, costumes, xylophones, Greenpeace, children sitting on their parents shoulders, wig-wam Indian style tents.

Umbrellas and Wellington boots and anoraks in the rain.

On-site security, in luminous yellow coats.

Headbands, bandannas.

Festival Lovers 2006

Alex and Dominic meet up at Glastonbury festival and they have a chat.

Dominic says ‘most of us enjoy good mental health, but it is not always this good. Statistics show that most people will experience some form of mental health problems in their lifetime, either their own problems, or somebody close to them.

Your G.P. will assess the situation and explain to you a course of action – or treatment.

You may find that just talking over your problem is enough. Your G.P. may refer you to the out-patients department for mental health to get some counselling.

Your G.P. may prescribe you some mild medication to get you over short term distress, stress or depression.

If your problems prove to be more serious, you may be referred to a psychiatrist for assessment. A short term spell in hospital may be recommended.

There are community care home and facilities for clients.

All one can do is take good medical advice from the Doctors, take any medication that appropriate and pray to Jesus.

Maybe they pass a street preacher?

Remember John – in Fleet Street.

Christian Music: ‘Spirit in the Sky’.

‘Give and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over will be put into your bosom, for with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you’.

Luke 6:38

Should I bring Africa, famine and poverty into the book and desire to alleviate these problems?

Maybe go to a ‘make poverty history’ tent at the festival and they talk about it and also ideas of population saturation etc…?

Develop mental health theme.

Will the ideas of ‘sex transmutation’ work in the book? As was the original idea? Think!

What about: Genius: Madness.

A visit to Digby Hospital? (Will this complicate the book too much?)

Use of books and autobiographies in a symbolic way? Spike Milligan. Van Gogh. The genius. Jean-Paul Getty, Millionaire, Pablo Picasso? Prostitutes? Aikido, Ueshiba, Mahatma Ghandi?

Make part or all of the film Surreal? Larger than life? Abstract? Use art paintings as back drop?

Festival Lovers 2006

Think about all the Christian words etc… that can be expressed on stage at the Living Angels Christian Festival.

Water, sparkling, spring water, fresh water, bubbling sparkling water, life giving refreshing water.

Develop descriptive writing at the festival, the place, atmosphere, visual and activities and people.

One hundred and one, three year old woman.

Poetry: into your eyes, I’ve been in love, talking, Life’s a celebration, thank you for your love…

Anne-Marie has three children, two girls and a boy.

Talk positively about mental health problems such as depression, schizophrenia, manic depression, bi-polar and psychosis and case studies, people etc… Maybe mention hearing voices, O.C.D. Personality disorders, suicide, self harming etc… Stress, anxiety, panic attacks, manic depression.

Types of treatment, medication, counselling, care in the community. Mention Spike Milligan, Van Gogh, Winston Churchill. Was Albert Einstein a schizophrenic? John Clees etc…

Mention Digby hospital in Exeter. Describe this. Describe stigma, danger, fear. Is madness close to Genius?

Talk about the danger of the use of illegal drugs etc… Advocate: Life is so good, it’s fantastic; it cannot get any better, so why use drugs? What’s the point, also alcohol etc…

Advocate the blessing of the Policeman etc…

Is it possible to make a full recovery from mental illness?

Mention various millionaires, James Goldsmith and Worlds Greatest Lovers. Sex Transmutation. Jean-Paul Getty.

Note: Anybody can experience mental ill health in their lifetime. Bank managers, businessmen, doctors etc…

Note: There is no shame in experiencing mental illness is there no stigma?

Splashing, diving, swimming in the cold river water at Double Locks hotel.

God is the one who protects and blesses each of us, not by ourselves do we win our battles, but by the grace of God.

Christian fellowship, encouraging each other.

God has a purpose and vision for each of our lives – for us to discover Gods will.

Prayer life.

The sermon on the mount – express this.

Festival Lovers 2006

The Sermon on the Mount: Jesus is talking:

Don’t try to hoard money, or buy lots of things, someone will only steal them.

Store up your treasure with God where no one can rob you.

You have to choose, will you spend your life getting rich? Or will you do what God wants? You cannot do both.

You are all such worriers. You worry about what you are going to eat and what you are going to wear, but there’s more to life than food and clothes.

Look at the birds flying overhead.

God takes care of the birds, and he cares much more about you!

Look around you. See how God dresses the wild flowers! Not even the great King Solomon had clothes as beautiful as theirs, so don’t spend your life worrying. Do what God wants and he will give you all you need. You can trust Him!

There is a Christian tent at Glastonbury Festival and people are sitting around the tent listening:

Someone recites the Ten Commandments:

• I am God; you are to honour and serve me and me alone.

• Do not make false idols or bow down to them.

• Treat my name with respect

• Keep my day of rest, the seventh day.

• Show respect to your Father and Mother.

• Do not kill another human being.

• Husbands and wives, be loyal to one another, don’t go off with another woman or another man.

• Do not steal.

• Do not tell lies.

• Do not be greedy for the things that other people have.

These are the Ten Commandments of God.

Develop ‘Tao’ theme throughout the book.

We sat in our tent and ate tins of fruit from the can. Drank Coca Cola, had a camping stove, heated up soup, slept in our sleeping bag.

Festival people moving about all night. Walking between stages, lots of excited and happy and joyful people faces etc… Hundred and forty thousand people. Some people with knives trying to steal tickets at the gate.

Wrapped up warm at night in our tent.

Jayne smoking a bendy pipe. Use Kay’s ideas? Get her to redevelop and write down her ideas?

The original book: revision 1.9.04 to be in bold type and the new material to be in lower type so that the reader will find it easier to see the main themes of the book.

Try to keep the ‘Christian’ theme strong, throughout the book.

Include the two musical video ideas: Sex Trans and Aikido Love.

Can we bring in the plight of South Africa and A.I.D.S. H.I.V.?

Festival Lovers – Feb 2006

I wonder if people are worried that if we feed all the starving millions of people in Africa, I wonder if people are thinking that the world will become over populated and so, even more of the worlds natural resources will be needed and even more pollution will be caused in the world and so some people may think that it is not a good idea to help these people because of over population.

But this is a negative attitude. Should we not help these millions of people and not to neglect to help all these ‘starving’ people – but also – so that the world does not get over populated, we should make plans for people to emigrate into outer space, maybe on a man made space station or other.

Problem solved!

Festival Lovers – May 2006

Areas I wish to bring into the book, through different characters are:

A character works for Oxfam, Famine Relief, maybe in a local charity shop.

A character works for the Langley House Trust, the national homeless charity, maybe also ‘Crisis’, another organisation to help the homeless.

A character working for the Coalition of Disabled people, promoting equality for the disabled.

Maybe a character working for The British National Space Centre in London.

A Thought

I would just like us to think about the fact that Jesus said that he will come back to the world a Second time, “The Second Coming” at the end of the age and on the last day when Jesus will take us to Himself for eternity - and to think about this fact in the light of this book ‘Festival Lovers’

Festival Lovers

My Prayer is:

To promote Christianity:

I pray that we can all enjoy a personal relationship with you, God and your son Jesus Christ and that you will bless us with your Salvation and eternal life with you in Heaven. I pray that we can all nurture and encourage each other into a life of faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.

To promote Good Mental Health:

I pray that we can all enjoy good mental health and together that we can all help to promote good mental health, individually and nationally and I pray that we can help each other and maintain good mental health in each of our own lives and internationally.

To promote Famine Relief:

I pray that we can help to promote Famine Relief and help to promote the provision of good food and clean drinking water for everyone, the whole world over.

To promote Equality for Disabled People:

I pray that we can promote equality for disabled people, financially, practically and socially.

To promote Homes for the Homeless:

I pray that we can help people to find accommodation to achieve the proper housing provision for everyone according to each persons need.

To promote Space Aviation:

I pray that we can enjoy looking ahead to exploring outer-space!

In Jesus name Amen

Other Projects that I am working on, include:

• ‘A Public Relationship’ – A novelette
• ‘The House of Books’ – A novelette
• ‘My Art, a book of: Paintings’ – with forty paintings and some poetry
• ‘The Best Day of My Life is Today’ – My Autobiography
• A compact disk with twenty of my own songs – ‘Life’s a Celebration’
• ‘Sex Trans (mutation)’ – A music video
• ‘The Art of Peace’ – A music video
• ‘Festival Lovers’ – Video “Jackanory Style” on DVD and Audio on CD