The House of Books




Published by
Kenneth Harris
Torquay, Devon


Thank you to Jesus and to God
for being with me throughout all the
days of my life

Thank you to Kevin Harry Lock
for working with me
and for helping me to produce
this book.

So thank you God, Amen.

Copyright: Ken Harris
April 2005

ISBN: 0-9547094-3-8

Copy printed by
Kevin Harry Lock
Flat 3, 29, Morgan Avenue,
Torquay, Devon, England.


The House of Books

A Novelette by
Ken Harris


Peter Pan type character is chased across a deserted field by a bully in an aeroplane. He runs into a shed, and then through a door which leads into a large mansion. This Peter Pan type character is a pilot and is chased and enters this big old mansion to hide. He discovers that it is a house full of every book that has ever been written. He is twenty years old when he enters the house, and he spends the rest of his life in the house reading all the books.

A girl comes into the bookshop at the front of the house, and Peter falls in love with her - they get engaged when he is fifty, and they get married when he is seventy. Eventually when he is ninety, they leave the house and go and live at a distant address - maybe in Heaven.

Peter reads lots of books and learns lots of languages etc.

Peter discovers the Bible, and decides that the Bible is the best book in the world, and he studies it.

He learns to read music and plays the piano in the mansion. There are many rooms in the mansion and Peter takes his girlfriend and shows her around. be developed...

He reads about: Gardening and then plants and tends the garden at the house.

He orders and buys a computer and goes on line and on the internet and gets involved in world events.

He reads about Prime-ministers and Presidents.

He reads about winners of the Noble Peace Prize such as Mother Teresa.

He becomes an agony aunt and broadcasts on T.V.

He reads Shakespeare and History, philosophy, etc, poetry, law, politics, etc, drama and theatre.

He reads about Art, Picasso etc and painting and he paints. He reads about Nature, about Boxing, fighting etc, He reads about Aikido - and has people round and learns Aikido etc.

Peter’s favourite books are Autobiographies, and Biographies.

He reads self help books, self improvement books, Such as Success through a Positive Mental Attitude, and Think and Grow Rich.

This Short Story, Novelette, captures the romance of all the books that Peter reads - so many books.

Peter reads: The Tao, The watercourse Way, by Alan Watts.

Jimi Saville’s Autobiography: As It Happens.

He reads a biography about: Theodore Roosevelt, the American President.

He Reads: The Monument, by T.E. Behrens.

He Reads: The Art Of Peace, by Stevens, about Moriehe Ueshiba, and his Aikido.

He reads: Aikido and The Dynamic Sphere, by O. Ratti.

He reads: Stig of the Dump, a children’s book.

He reads: The House That Jack Built, a children’s nursery rhyme.

He reads, Portrait of a Marriage, about Vita-Sackville-West, and Harold Nicholson.

He reads: Richard 11, and Hamlet, Anthony and Cleopatra, and Henry 4 part one and two and the Tempest.

He reads and looks at a large picture book about the twentieth century artist: Picasso, and Cezanne, and Gauguin, and Surat, and Klimt and many others. Peter paints himself, and becomes quite prolific, and sells them, a dealer comes to the house and promotes and sells Peters Artwork - he is very successful.

Perhaps Peter Sings as well, even recording songs, and getting them out there into the mass media.

Perhaps Peter writes as well?

Peter Reads from the Bible every day.

Peter reads: Right with God, by John Blanchard. This book introduces the reader to Jesus for the very first time and helps a person to become Right with God. It talks about the sinner’s prayer, and motivates the person to ask Jesus into their lives and to be saved by Jesus. Peter says and prays the sinners prayer: Dear Jesus, come into my life as my saviour to cleanse me, as my Lord to control me, and as my friend to be with me now and forever, and help me to serve you in complete obedience from now on and thank you for dying on the cross to save me from my sins, Amen.

Peter studies the Bible, and quotes it and Meditates on the Bible every day.

Peter’s favourite Bible story is that of King David. Because David was loyal and loved God, and glorified Gods name throughout his long life, till he died.

Peter prays: Give me faith in you God, the size of a mustard seed and make that faith grow into a big, big tree and give me faith in you God, equal to that of King David and help me to be loyal to you through out my life, through the gates of death, and come to live with you in Heaven when my life is complete.

Make me a fountain of your Love. Make me a fountain of your Joy. Amen.

Dear God : Bless everybody in the whole world - all those who are dead, all those who are yet to be borne, and all those who are alive today, bless them, let them live good wholesome healthy happy borne-again Christian lives and let them all come to live with you in Heaven when their lives are complete, Amen.

Peter reads about Space Aviation, he sends off to The British National Space Centre, in London, and they send him all the latest details of there enterprises. Peter is very interested in space aviation and has many ideas of his own. Peter thinks that man needs to start getting out there into space, and for man to take his pollution with him, so to allow the world to maintain its natural state, Also, because man is increasing in population, to allow for so many people, ma must think about emigrating into outer space. ...I wish to develop the ideas here in this novelette.....

Book: The Worlds Greatest Lovers