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Volume One - Issue One



A simple Idea: If space, in your imagination, goes on for ever - or - if it comes to a wall, and then you wonder what is on the other side to that wall; then by the same stretch of the imagination you can believe in Jesus Christ and God, our Heavenly Father - by the same stretch of the imagination - and there is a lot of evidence that Jesus lived!

Journey Into Life, by Norman Warren, and Right With God, by John Blanchard. These are two books which I recommend to anybody who is a non-Christian, but who is interested in finding out about Jesus, and whether they may be interested in becoming a Christian them selves. And beginning a personal relationship with God.

I can provide the above two mentioned books to anyone who would like a copy - please therefore ask me if you would like a copy and I will provide you with one, for you or a friend of yours. Alternatively you can get copies from: Choice Words, Christian bookshops in Paignton and Newton Abbot.

Another book which I highly recommend for a new Christian - and somebody who is interested in starting a relationship with God is:

The Lions, Children’s Bible, by Pat Alexander, and Carolyn Cox. This book is also ideal for Adults. Again, I have copies which I can provide you with, or you can get them from WH Smith, or Waterstones.

If you would like to relate your own testimony to Jesus in this paper - please do volunteer.

Mental Health:

"Talking": I believe, whatever policies are carried out; such as hospitalization, and medication etc, and rehabilitation - the best therapy is:

"Talking" and I think: confidentiality to the client is of utmost importance. The client needs to know that everything he discusses will be kept confidential - between him and the Doctor, Key-worker, counselor etc. Only in safety, can the client open up to his true thoughts and feelings, and hopefully work through his difficulties and find "healing" etc. Through: "Talking".

For anybody who thinks that they may be suffering from "mental health" problems - the first person to consult is their: G.P. The G.P. is trained and will assess the "problem", and if need be will send the patient for counseling or other. In Torquay, this will be at the out-patients department: Waverley House, St Luke’s Road. If the "Problem" is serious then the patient will be seen by a Psychiatrist - for assessment. But do not fear - Doctors are here to help - many people experience mental health problems in their life - yes it is scary, but the doctors know how to help, you need to trust them and not fear them.

There is a mental health telephone number you can ring: 01803 208500

Famine Relief:

There are two Oxfam charity shops in Torquay: one in St Marychurch, and one in the town centre. There is also a church initiative, - called: Christian Aid, you can get details from any local church. You can get onto the Oxfam mailing list by contacting this address: Barbara Stocking, Director, 274 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7DZ, Tel: 0870 333 2700.

If you are so inclined: the shops will accept any gifts, of money etc, or you can even volunteer. Donations may go to South and West Africa.

Equality for Disabled People:

Coalition of Disabled People, South Devon. Lymington Road, Castle Circus, Torquay. TQ1 4BW. Tel: 01803 215871.

Alleviation Of Homelessness:

‘Shekinah’, the Homeless drop-in Centre. Behind McDonalds, in the Town centre. Gladly accepts gifts of food etc and also Christian literature, such as Bibles etc for their visitors.

Somebody told me a couple of years ago that the Seascape Hotel, on the Newton Road, accepts tenants that may have a drink, or drugs problem, and Mental Health clients. And I think they accept the homeless as well - take a visit and ask to speak to the Landlady.

Space Aviation:

NASA, has just this month sent Astronauts into space in a space shuttle, and they are due to return to Earth on the 8th of August. Hope that everything goes well and that the guys get home safely.

British National Space centre, 151, Buckingham Palace Road, London. SW1W 9SS. Tel: 020 7215 5000.

You can buy books on space aviation from WH Smiths. The Early Learning centre sells lovely die-cast models of the space shuttle - "Discovery". "Real-Toy"- A Japanese company also make models. I have purchased a number of Space-Shuttle toys - and I think they are beautiful and will be a collector’s item in the future. If you would like to see these models, then come and ask me about them. I won’t be selling them though but maybe we could locate a supplier if you wanted to purchase some for yourself. - If you can locate a supplier then let me know because I am interested in this sort of thing!

So - what about "Space Aviation”: Is there enough interest in space aviation to invite a guest speaker to come to Torquay to talk about: The British National Space Centre in London. And British Space Activities Today and in the future. I think Space Aviation is exciting - surely this is of great interest to us all. Is it the future? If you think you would like to attend a seminar on "State Of the Art Space Aviation Activities" then let me know! Maybe a group of us could organize a speaker to visit a venue locally to give us a talk?

I have written a Novelette entitled: "Festival Lovers” and it includes subjects that I am interested in, such as: Christianity - and promoting Christianity. Also thoughts about man's future in "Space" in the present and the future. Relating Ideas about space aviation and whether man has a future in outer-space. If you would like to read this book - then feel free to ask me for a copy.

I have a number of books on 'Space Aviation' which I have collected. Which I can show you and tell you how to obtain if you would like copies - they are:

* Space Odyssey, a voyage to the planets, by Tim Haines and Christopher Riley, a BBC book.

* Space Exploration, Eyewitness, by D.K.

* Space Stations, Living and working in space, by Amanda Davis.

* Space, our final frontier, by John Gribbin.

* Living In Space, Usborne Beginners.

* Space Craft, pop-up book, by Anton Radevsky.

* The Autobiography of Britain’s first Astronaut, Helen Sharman.

* Look inside A Rocket, by Tom Jackson.

What about all that talk we once heard about "Holiday Space Flights" - will people ever be able to holiday in space - and When?!

And what is U.S.A. and Japanese progress in space aviation - and Great Britain’s progress - Is it a race, or can we all work together, and complement and help each other.

If you have any suggestions that you think may be of interest, from the list of topics covered in this paper, then please feel free to approach me to discuss it - or a future similar paper?

God bless you - Ken Harris




Volume One - Issue Two



So - You Want to be a Christian

You are wondering if Christians have got something that non-Christians have not - and you want that something as well?

So, how do I become a Christian, you ask.

How do I gain that something...? 'Meaning', 'Fulfillment', 'Wholesomeness' - to my life.

Well - here's a suggestion - you can ask Jesus to come into your life and you can become a Christian, and have all the rich blessings of Jesus, and God, all the rich blessings of being a Christian , and having eternal life.

To ask Jesus into your life - here is a simple prayer that you can pray:

"Dear Jesus, come into my life as my savior to cleanse me, as my lord to control me and as my friend to be with me now and forever, and help me to serve you in complete obedience from this day forward, and thank you for dying on the cross to save me from my sins" and for coming back to life – resurrection. Amen.

Once you have said this prayer and if you mean it - then you are now a Born-Again Christian and Jesus promises you his blessings and that he will come into your life and never leave you from now on. Amen.

And from the Bible: Psalm 37:

"Delight Yourself in the Lord and He will give you the Desires of your Heart".

You can donate your money to:

The Methodist Church Fund,

Methodist Church House, 25 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5JR.

A favorite book that I would recommend that no Christian should be without is:

God's Word In My Mouth, Claiming the Promises of God, by Colin Dye.

Published by: Dovewell Publications, PO Box 9161, London W3 6GS, England.

A free Day by day magazine: The Word For Today is freely available. For your free copy Tel: 0845 60 40 401

Ken Harris is Hosting and facilitating, 'Christian Talk', meetings, at the Riviera International Conference centre, In Torquay, on a Wednesday Morning, on a Bi-monthly basis. If you would like information about this, and if you would like to attend any of these meetings, just turn up, or telephone to find out when the next meeting is on: Ken:

Tel. 07833 637950

Mental Health:

A useful organization contact for Health is: Commission for Patient and Public involvement in Health, Lynx House, Pynes Hill Office Campus, Rydon Lane, Exeter EX2 7AN. Tel: 0139 233 2100.

Also: The Mental Health Service User co-ordination Officer is: Janet Hooper, NHS, The Lescaze Offices, Shinners Bridge, Dartington, Devon. TQ9 6JE.

Tel: 01803 861974. Mobile: 07764 273253.

Equality for Disabled People:

Another useful address is: Torbay Disability Information Service, Chadwell Annexe, Torquay Road, Paignton, TQ3 2DW.

Tel: 01803 552175.

The Coalition of Disabled People, Lymington Road, Torquay, Devon

Tel: 01803 215871. For Welfare Rights information, computer training and direct Payments service, and counseling.

Welfare Rights, includes:

Information on benefits, such as Income support, incapacity support, and Disability Living Allowance benefit. We can help and advise on filling out the claim forms etc. We can help in appealing on a benefits decision

We have computers facilities. We provide computer training and tuition, at low cost.

We provide counseling to disabled people and their carers. Normally an hour sessions. Please come into the coalition to find out more!

We have just begun a Direct Payments service.

Alleviation Of Homelessness:

There is the: Langley House Trust, Torbay Project, National office: PO Box 181, Witney, Oxon, OX28 6WD, England. Tel: 01993 774075 Factory Row Homeless Hostel at Castle Circus, Torquay. Who provide a bed for the night - to the homeless.

Two more organizations for the Homeless include:

'Crisis', fighting for hope for homeless people, 66 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LT.

Tel: 0870 011 3335.

'Shelter', The National Campaign for the homeless, 88 Old Street, London, EC1V 9 HU. Tel: 0845 458 4590.

God Bless You, from: Ken Harris


Volume One - Issue Three





What is the best day of your life?

Your 18th or 21st birthday? Your first kiss? The day you got married?

I would love to tell you the best day of my life.
I was experiencing a relationship breakdown. Career crisis. Financial difficulties. Homelessness. Loss of a sense of direction to my life. And this remained the same crisis for many years.

Well anyway, I found two pieces of literature: Journey into Life, by Norman Warren, and Right With God, by John Blanchard.

These two books, independently, introduce the person in the street to Jesus - as if for the very first time. They show you how to become a Christian - for those who are seeking Jesus but don’t know anything about Christianity.

Anyway, they describe the sinner’s prayer: the prayer of asking Jesus into one's life, in order to be saved by Jesus, to become a born-again Christian and to receive the blessings which God promises to those who give their lives to Jesus.

Jesus promises to be with you from that moment on and forever.

The best day of my life is not the day I get married, but the day that I asked Jesus into my life.

So, for you, if you would like to experience what many people have experienced - here is the sinner’s prayer:

"Dear Jesus, come into my life as my savior to cleanse me, as my lord to control me, and as my friend to be with me now and forever, and thank you for dieing on the cross to save me from my sins" and for coming back to life, your resurrection. Amen.

If you make this your prayer, then you now have Jesus in your life and you will receive the rich blessings which Jesus promises - including eternal life, and salvation. Amen.

Mental Health:

What is good mental health?

Over stressed?



Inability to sleep at night?



Acting violently to others?

Drinking too much Alcohol and taking elicit drugs?

Driving your car above the speed limit?

Sexual health problems and issues?

Sex outside of marriage?

Telling lies?

In trouble with the police and Authorities?

Putting yourself and others in danger?

Warfare, personally and Nationally?

Too much importance on material gain?

No direction in life?

Lack of having Jesus and God in ones life?

Child abuse and neglect?
An unhappy marriage?
And on and on and on?

Famine Relief:

The world has enough resources to feed everyone. Let not politics get in the way of feeding everyone.

These countries: Africa, obviously - let’s feed them. Lets start becoming 'famine aware', lets create working strategies today, to feed everyone the whole world over, Even in the rich countries. This is not a new idea, but are we really at present addressing this issue.

Write to Jo...Public: How do we Feed Everyone, and what are we going to do about this today!

Equality for Disabled People:

I was in a pub, and still their are no toilets for the disabled.

I know the Building Regulations are addressing this.

What’s your experience of Discrimination for disabled people, here in Torquay, and England, and internationally?

Please write to Jo...Public about this!

Homes For the Homeless:

How do we address this issue? Apparently many homeless go unnoticed by statistics.

What about cheap housing, here in Great Britain, and Nationally, and internationally.

Of course we know that high rise buildings have failed us.

Space Aviation:

If we all are fed, and housed, then there is going to be a population explosion. Therefore we need to look and ask questions about the future of mankind.

We will create much pollution etc.

We must look to the stars? What do you think? This is exciting, and scary. Will the future look like the Star Wars films? With stations in space. Let’s not talk about science fiction. Let’s talk about the reality of the future of mankind possibly in space, have we the courage.

Is Jesus going to come back on the last day of the world?
Even so, until Jesus does come back to the world on the last day, until then maybe we should plan an uncertain future in space!

Please write to Jo … Public with your thoughts here.

Volume One - Issue Four





God's Word!?

God's Word to you, God's Word to me.

From the moment we receive Jesus Christ into our hearts, Jesus speaks to us, and reveals to us the secret mysteries, and mind of Christ. Jesus, God - puts a vision before us. We may be blessed with a vision of the Lord, and hold this vision of the Lord before us. And God speaks into our spirit. God's spiritual, Life giving Word.

Isn’t that just fantastic!

Before God can speak to us properly, and coherently, we first need to ask, and receive Jesus into our lives. This we do by telling God of our sin, and asking Jesus to come into our hearts and lives and thanking Jesus for his gift of life to us on the cross, and confessing that Jesus is the Son of God!

When we have received Jesus into our lives: Then the message of the Bible begins to make sense. We then learn about and receive God's free gift of Salvation and eternal life in Christ Jesus.

We can then receive the free gifts of God, as revealed in the Holy Bible!

The gifts of : Salvation, eternal life with God, forgiveness of our sin, freedom within the Holy Spirit, Healing, Victory, over all the circumstances - in and around our lives, Protection, Power, and blessings for the people we pray for - including our families, partners and children.

Good Mental Health:

What is Good Mental Health?

I think it is good mentally to be motivated by: Love, first of all.

We need to Love each other, and to Love ourselves, and I think, to Love, Christ Jesus, and God Almighty.

I think that it is good mental health, to be honest, to be kind? To share the love and the life of Christ Jesus, with each other. To nurture and encourage each other, in the love and Life of Christ Jesus.

To have a positive mental attitude. To share our blessings with each other. Blessings of: Health, time, knowledge, consideration, experience, and faith in Jesus Christ and God.

Maybe we should share our wealth with those less fortunate than ourselves? To share our food, and resources, our money ... What do you think?

Famine Relief:

They say that in today’s developed world there should be no need for people to go hungry, and unfed, and without a home. Surely - this is true.

Why does the world of people, why do we allow this to continue to happen.

Still - many, many people are going hungry all over the world. What can we, and what should we be doing about this. And what is preventing us all over the world, of meeting our food requirements?

Please write to Jo...Public. : And tell us what you think we should be doing?

Equality for Disabled People:

Surely it is a human rights issue that we should all be treated with respect, and be helped to be equal?

Please write to: Jo...Public, about your thoughts and experiences here.

A book:
"Strength", Broadsides from Disabilities on the Arts, by Paddy Masefield. Published by: Trentham Books.2006.

Homes For The Homeless:

They say: In this day there should be no need for people to be begging on the streets. But people still do! Why?

People are struggling to get onto the housing market, to get a mortgage for their first home. It is so expensive, people are on low income?

Isn’t Housing, a human rights issue?

Isn’t everyone entitled and should have somewhere to live - even if they are not able to work for any and every reason? Both in Great Britain, Nationally, and internationally, not least in third world countries, and where there is poverty.

How can families stay together, unless they can live together?

Space Aviation:

If everyone is fed, and housed, then surely there is going to be a population explosion?

So will mankind have to start looking into outer space, to accept the extra pollution? And even, will people need to start thinking of emigrating to outer-space.

We are not in a million years ready to start emigrating into outer space. But, maybe we should start thinking about it. I am sure people are thinking about this?!

What do you think? Please write to: Jo...Public, about your thoughts about this?

What about the fantastic idea of having a National, space station, centre, at, Exeter, in Devon? As a location? We do have a space centre in London.

Should Space Aviation be a higher consideration in people’s thoughts, than it is at present?

Should we all be giving more thought than we presently do about mankind looking into outer space?

Please write to Jo...Public about your own thoughts about space aviation.

And what about holidays in space, what is the immediate opportunities for us today to holiday in space?

May God Bless You: from Ken Harris, Torquay, Devon, England.

Volume One - Issue Five


My name is Ken Harris. I am the: Founder, and Ad-Minister-ator, of Jo...Public.

Jo...Public. I launched Jo...Public Relations Paper on Friday 30th May 2008. The Launch, "Open Day", happened at my home, in Torquay. It was attended by my friend: Angela J, and my Jo...Public, secretary: Emma Parnell, and Melanie S. We had a big celebration, with beer, and crisps etc. The Herald Express journalist failed to appear. But the event happened, We Launched: Jo...Public Relations Paper.

I intend to publish: Jo...Public Relations Paper, on a Monthly basis. Beginning: June 2008.

The Jo...Public, team, consists at present (October 2008)
Of: Myself: Ken Harris, and: Kevin Harry Lock, communications consultant, Kevin does all my Website creation etc. And my P.A. Secretary: Emma Parnell.

If you want to write to: Jo...Public - then please address all correspondence to:

Ken Harris: Jo...Public: care of: Cool House, 17, Morgan Avenue, Torquay, Devon, TQ2 5RP.

My phone number is: Ken: 07833 637950.


Salvation: this must be the most important word in the Dictionary. Salvation: This must be the most important word in the Bible?

Salvation: Eternal life. Preservation of life. Deliverance from Death. Life, Truth and Love, Light. Deliverance from harm.

Jesus - the way to salvation. It is through Jesus - Jesus is the bringer of our Salvation. Jesus saves us. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Good Mental Health:

I think that Aikido martial Art promotes good mental health. Another name for Aikido is: The Art of Peace.

The founder of Aikido, his name is:

Morihei Ueshiba. 1883-1969.

Ueshiba, lived in Japan.

You can learn about: Morihei Ueshiba from a little book:

The Art Of Peace, Morihei Ueshiba, translated by John Stevens. Shambhala Pocket Classics, of Boston and London. ISBN: 0-87773-851-3. Price $6.95

I would like to talk more about Aikido, and why I think it promotes good mental health, in this edition and future editions of Jo...Public.

Famine Relief:

One major organization, charity, that works for famine relief is:

Christian Aid. PO Box 100, London, SE1 7RT.

Christian Aid produces a magazine: CAN, Christian Aid News. Quarterly.

Equality For Disabled People:

"STEPS", of: 50-52, Torwood Street, Torquay. Steps, which is managed by: April Tims: They adapt toys, so that they may be more easily used and accessible for: Disabled, children. And: Steps, hires ‘Free’, these toys out to the families of disabled children. Steps opened its new office, at: 50 Torwood Street, in September 2008.

Shop mobility, which is next to the: Public Lending Library in: Torquay, they hire out mobility scooters to disabled people, on a daily basis.

Homes For The Homeless:

There are four million children living below the poverty line in Great Britain. What is the situation here Globally?
What should we be doing to address this issue? Please write to Jo...Public with your thoughts here.

Space Aviation:

What do you think about: Space Aviation?

Does man have a future in space?
Should we send all our pollution out there into space?

Please write to: Jo...Public, and share your thoughts!

May God Bless You: From Ken Harris.
Tel: 07833 637950


Volume One - Issue Six




Other Faiths:
Other faiths may include:

It is nice that we can all live alongside each other.

The Chief Executive's Directorate, Devon County Council, County Hall, Exeter, EX2 4QD, telephone:01392 382260.
Have published and circulate a little booklet:
A Guide to the Worlds Major Religions.
I have found this booklet very informative and helpful.
We all need to be able to live together in this world.

I have written novelette: Festival Lovers.

Festival Lovers, themes includes the promotion of Christianity, and thoughts about whether man may look to a future in outer-space. I want to develop the Mental Health theme throughout the book also.

The book is one-hundred pages long. The latest edition is June, 2006.

I have with Kevin Harry Lock, made a Jackanory style DVD, video production of Festival Lovers, set at Torre-abbey Meadows, and in front of the English Riviera Centre.

By my age of forty-one, I hope to make the 'film' Festival Lovers. My friend Angela,(Angie J) and Kevin Harry Lock, have agreed to help me to make this film.

I want to launch 'Festival Lovers', as a book and as a film onto the world stage at my age of Forty-five - so thank you God, and Jesus, Amen.


This year I have hosted twelve, 'Christian Talk' meetings at the: English Riviera international conference centre, in Torquay. At each meeting we have had between nine and sixteen people attend. From where I am standing I believe the meetings where successful.

From Christmas 2008-2009, these meetings are scheduled to take place once a month. In the Jo...Public,
Volume Two, Issue One, I shall give you the dates of these meetings.

We have been holding 'Christian Talk' meetings on a weekly basis at the Cool House, Number 17 Morgan Avenue, Torquay, at 2.00pm-3.00pm on a Thursday afternoon for two years now. I hope these meetings will continue. Again, we have between six and nine people attend each week.

Good Mental Health:

Did you know that the average salary of a Consultant Psychiatrist, with the NHS, today is £97,000 a year!

Everybody seems to be training to be a counselor these days - have you noticed.

A contact:
South and West Devon Service user and carer network (mental health):
Workers: Janet Hooper and Pennie Evans.
NHS, St Michaels, Newton Abbot Hospital. 62 East Street, Newton Abbot, Devon. TQ12 4PT
Tel: 01626 357372.

Famine Relief:

Equality for Disabled People:

Disabled People can claim welfare benefits: Income Support, and Disability Living Allowance.

Homes for the Homeless:

The Big Issue - £1.50.

The information in this: Jo...Public Paper, is as correct as possible. But I apologize for anything that is incorrect information here, and can not be held responsible for any incorrectness, or out-of-date information. May God Bless You, Ken Harris: Tel: 07833 637950.

Volume One - Issue Seven




Jesus says: If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you … John 15:7

Another favorite passage from the Bible:
I am God, and there is no other, I am God, and there is none like me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done, saying, 'My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure' … Isaiah 46:9-10

Indeed before the day was, I am he; and there is no one who can deliver out of my hand; I work, and who will reverse it? Isaiah 43

Good Mental Health:

Mental Health national charities, for information and support, and who you can donate your money to, include:

Granta House, 15 - 19 Broadway, Stratford, London, E15 4BQ. Tel: 020 8215 2243.

28 Castle Street, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 1SS, Tel: 0845 456 0455.

Any Sponsorship to cover production costs and creativity and printing etc… will be gratefully received.

In the First Instance, please contact Ken Harris,

Jo … Public, the ‘Cool House’,
17 Morgan Avenue, Torquay, Devon. TQ2 5RR.

Thank you very much and may God bless you, Amen.

Famine Relief:

Equality for Disabled People:

Homes for the Homeless:

Space Aviation:

May God Bless You: from: Ken Harris.

Note: Ken Harris was printing out Jo…Public business cards in 1996 when he was 29 years old.

Jo Public is based on an original idea that Ken Harris drafted in September 2005.

Book Edited, Compiled, Produced and Printed by Kevin Harry Lock. Torquay, Devon, England

Copyright: Ken Harris