My Art

A Book of Paintings





My ‘Art’, a Book of: Paintings

by Ken Harris


I am excited about the creation of this book – the pictures included cover a period of many years. Many of the original paintings have been destroyed, one original I have sold. I have a hundred prints in frames dotted about all over Torquay in people’s houses – friend’s houses.

I think it is only fair to express that it is my mother who initiated me to paint – my mother, though more modest than me, she is an artist.

I have had a fantastic time promoting and distributing my prints amongst my friend’s and family, all over Torbay.

I really claim that my pictures are a “celebration” of colour, rather than claiming any technical ability – of which I have very little as you can see. I am a very impatient artist and most of my paintings have been completed within half hour from instigation.

I lay claim of studying Art with the leading Welsh Artist: John Miles, as you can see at the appropriate pictures.

Most of my paintings have been inspired from my personal life. They are very subjective – I paint pictures about subjects that I feel passionate about, such as women. My garden, flowers and romantic subjects.

The pictures were painted at a very difficult time in my life – 1989 – 2005. I am lucky to have a very close family. My parents and sisters. They all helped me and showed their delight in my pictures which has been a great encouragement to me. Other people too have encouraged me.

Some paintings have been lost along the way. And I don’t know what the future holds – will I paint some more?

So, enjoy the paintings, oh – and some poetry.

So thank you God. Amen.

I enjoy painting – but the long term focus now is to develop a career and vocation as a “Public Relations” individual.

All my artistic aspirations have come together to fruition since the day that I asked Jesus into my life. I really believe that I am being blessed in the realisation of my dreams because Jesus is with me, because of my relationship with Jesus – that of being a Born-Again Christian – so this is the message I wish to give to you.


In the Summertime in June


Where I lived for five years, in Torquay, Devon.

Oil on canvas panel 1990

This garden is planted and watered by my mother:

a "labour of love".


Oil paint on canvas 2003

on a lovely day in Spring in my back garden.

"Expressionist" style

Colour straight from the tube

Boy: Child with xylophone

Oil paint on canvas - 1991


Tessier Garden - Torquay - 2003

Oil paint on canvas.

I've been in Love, I can tell a Love Story


I had a Woman

We would talk together

We would walk together

We would dance together

We would sleep together

We would fight together

We would make love together

We would laugh together

I've been in Love, I can tell a Love Story.


A poem by Ken Harris

A Girlfriend - 1988

Biro pen and watercolour on paper.

John Miles Art Studio

In an art class full of students

Oil on card - 1990

Tessier Garden

with Sun Altar behind Trees - Torquay

Oil paint on canvas panel

Beach Huts, Corbyn Head

Torre Abbey Sands: Beach

Torquay 2003 - Summertime

Acrylic paint on canvas panel

Nude On A Rug, Reading

Parents' Lounge Chair

Biro pen on card

Into Your Eyes

I've never looked so long into a girl's eyes - as I

did with you


We just sat - gazing into each others eyes for what

must have been a minute


We did not blink or look away

We did not talk or move

We just gazed - consumed into each others eyes


I've never looked so long into a girl's eyes - as I did with you


Nobody - not anybody

and you have the prettiest eyes when they reflect

the sunlight in the summer


It feels so good

It feels so good


That which we share together when we did look into each others eyes

A Girlfriend - 1991

Oil paint on card

Nude With Long Blond Hair


Thankyou for Your Love


Thank you for your gift of love

Thank you for nurturing good health

and well being - joy and happiness


Thank you for protecting me and guiding me -

and thank you for helping me


Thank you for being with me and you -

thank you for loving me


I do love you - and I pray for God to

bless you - to bless you with good health

love, happiness, joy, wellbeing, long-life and eternity


I do love you

My Mother's Father

Pencil on canvas panel

Tessier Garden With Daisies

Acrylic on canvas - 2003


Oil on canvas


Acrylic on canvas - 2002


Acrylic on canvas pane - 2000

Bottles In Basket

Oil on canvas - with John Miles - 1990

Nude In Window

Oil on card - 1990

Some Flowers In A Bottle

Pastel on card

A Poem About


There was a young man who was rather smart

I mean .......... Smartie

But he grumbled he was not smart enough

I mean .......... Smart enough

So he went to a Tie shop and bought a Tie

I mean .......... A Smart- tie

He chose a smart tie and now he's a -



by Ken Harris

A model in John Miles Art Class

Like a Russian

Oil Paint

In The Rain

An imaginative composition excercise

for John Miles Art Class

Pencil on card - 1990

Jo ...

Acrylic on canvas panel - 2003



Talking lazy

Talking crazy

Talking about the way I feel

Talking about the way I see

Talking about good things - yeh

Talking about things that worry you and me

Talking about you and what you see

Talking with you


Talking about our life

Talking about our air

Talking about the day as it be

Oh its so easy

Im so happy talking with you

Hope your happy talking with me

Oh its so easy

Oh its so easy oh- yeh

Self Portrait In The Mirror


A Boy Model in John Miles art class

Oil on canvas panel

Life Study

Cauliflower, cucumber, pear

Pastel on card


Life's A Celebration


Life's a celebration, yeh

Life's a celebration


That's right - Life's a celebration

Don't ya know

Life's a celebration


Your love is good -

And I love you too - so

Let's celebrate. Let's celebrate our love

Let's celebrate our Life together


Life's a celebration

That's right - life's a celebration


Self Portrait

Oil paint on card

Jo ... Biro pen sketch

A nude with table and chair

A Palm Tree - acrylic 2005


Acrylic on canvas panel

Unfinished Portrait

A Girlfriend When I Was Nineteen

Oil on canvas panel

"Expressionist" Style

Pure Colour

A Girlfriend Oil on canvas - 1990

I would just like to share

this thought with you . . .


I saw this written in the sand at Torre Abbey beach,

in Torquay, when the tide was out:





Acrylic on canvas pane 2005

Acrylic on canvas - 2005

Acrylic on canvas - 2005

Acrylic on canvas pane 2005

I Met You Once


I met you once

Somebody said I would meet you -

And I did.


I met you once

We talked, we walked,

We drank together.


I met you once

We exchanged names, we laughed together,

I expected to meet you again.


I met you once

I talked to God about you -

I told God my dreams about us.


I met you once

I want to meet you again -

I want to spend my life with you.


I met you once.


Penned on Easter Sunday 2005

KAY by Ken Harris - 2006

KAREN by Ken Harris - 2006

NUDE by Ken Harris

The ART OF PEACE - Aikido

My Prayer


I pray that Jesus Christ

and that God also

will bless us all

and keep us,

all the days of our life

and for eternity.



Post Script:


The best day of my life is:

The Day that I asked Jesus

into my life !


Alison, by Ken Harris

July, 2006