The Vision of Jesse

and his dreams




Published by
Kenneth Harris
Torquay, Devon


Thank you to Jesus and to God
for being with me throughout all the
days of my life

Thank you to Kevin Harry Lock
for working with me
and for helping me to produce
this book.

So thank you God, Amen.

Copyright: Ken Harris
December 2007
ISBN: 0-9547094-7-0

Copy printed by
Kevin Harry Lock
Flat 3, 29, Morgan Avenue,
Torquay, Devon, England.


The Vision of: Jesse
& his dreams

Ken Harris


Jesse was living with this girl for five years. She said that her baby belonged to him. But he had a blood test done & found that he was not the babies father. He stayed in the relationship, but over some years, because of the lie, the relationship destroyed his mental health, & he went into hospital suffering stress & depression.

When he was locked up in the extra-care secure unit in the psychiatric unit in hospital. He experienced despair.

Jesse chanced upon a book, introducing the reader to Jesus & God for the very first time. It mentioned the sinners prayer, the prayer which saves a person from their sin & grants eternal life in heaven - if the reader makes the prayer their own : Which Jesse did.

Then in the course of two weeks from Jesse's prayer, his mind was filled with thoughts about his future. Jesse believed these thoughts were a blessing from God, because of his becoming a 'Borne Again Christian' & asking Jesus into his life. These are the dreams & 'Vision' of Jesse:

Jesse believed that he would enjoy good mental & physical health for the duration of the rest of his life. His vision was: he would write a book & make a film. He Would get married to a girl that he had met at church & that they would have three wonderful God loving children, two girls & a boy. He dreamed that he would be the best British Prime-minister that the world had ever had from age fifty to age seventy. He dreamed that he would bring Aikido martial art to the world as a sixth Dan . He asked God that he would love God & bring glory to Gods name throughout the whole of his life, to beyond his death. He dreamed that he would be a successful 'Public Relations' individual ; promoting all good causes in the world from age seventy to age one-hundred & three. He dreamed that he would enjoy a seperate relation-ship together with his first love, & that she would live with him till they both reached age one-hundred & three together, & that they would both come to live in heaven when their lives are complete.

He dreamed that his step son would become a Consultant Psychiatrist get Married & have a family & be successful in all he does.

This is Jesse's Vision for the future.

Jesse's vision was fantastic. Jesse believed that the vision was God inspired. It was such a big , fantastic vision for the future. The vision was at times scary to Jesse because it was so fantastic & maybe a little to big for reality. But the vision helped & made Jesse very happy & positive. Jesse was excited & fullfilled it made him feel so good to have this vision & dreams.

Every thing in life starts off with a Vision, or a thought. So here is Jesse's vision & thought for the future. So now look to the future.

Jesse's girlfriend left him because of his 'mental Health illness' label, because of his admittance to hospital - it scared her off.

Years later Jesse bumped into his first love, Lorraine, in a pub. She come up to him & said: "smile then", then she kissed him , & said, "i still love you, i always will".

Jesse's & lorraine lived together for five years. On reflection, Jesse always looked back on these years as some of the happiest years of his life - even though it was this relationship, with the baby as well, which took him into mental distress & nearly destroyed him.

Jesse, & Lorraine, were the same age as each other. They met in a night club, when they were twenty-one. Jesse took Lorraine home with him. Jesse fell immedu#iately in love with Lorraine. She was everything that he wasn't. She was confident, bubbley, an extrovert, sexy, animated, & fun.

Over the course of their five year relationship, Jesse, & Lorraine enjoyed a wonderful & very full relationship. They enjoyed a full sexual-love relationship. It was so good & so deep, i believe for both of them. Right from the beginning of their relationship, they enjoyed love making. In the second week of meeting, Jesse said to Lorraine, "You can have my baby if you want it". Three weeks later, Lorraine said, "I am pregnant". Lorraine, gave no hint to Jesse that the baby was not his. Jesse just assumed that he was the father. In fact Lorraine concieved the child two weeks before she met Jessie.

When the baby, Dylan, was six months old, Jesse had a blood test done & found that he was not the father. From this revelation, & because they all stayed in their relationship together, Jesse's mental health gradually deteriorated.

When Jesse & Lorraine were first together, when she was newly pregnant. Their love-making whas pure & healthy,& fulfilling, it was so truely healthy & full, & good, & wonderfull. This experience had a wonderful effect on Jesse for the rest of his life.

Let me relate this poem to you, out of the experience of Jesse, & Lorraine, which Jesse penned years later:

Into your Eyes

I've never looked so long into a girl's eyes - as i did with you

We just sat - gazing into each others eyes for what must have been a minuite

We did not blink or look away
We did not talk or move
We just gazed - consumed into each others eyes

I've never looked so long into a girls eye's as i did with you

Nobody - not anybody
& you have the prettiest eyes when they reflect
the sunlight in the summer

It feels so good
it feels so good

that which we share together when we did look into each others eyes

Another poem that Jesse penned, inspired by Lorraine is this:

I've Been in Love, I can Tell a Love Story.

I had a woman
We would talk together
we would walk together
we would dance together
we would sleep together
we would fight together
we would make love together
we would laugh together
I've been in love, i can tell a love story.

One thing in the relationship which makes Jesse deeply happy is the knowledge that they both gave their baby, Dylan, alot of love in his first years, in these the most important years of any childs life. Both Jesse & Lorraine gave Dylan alot of love.

When Jesse was twenty-nine, he decided that he wanted to become a 'Public Relations' individual. He had 'Jo...Public' business cards printed etc.

Initially he dreamed that he would have three children with his first love Lorraine. He did ask Lorraine to marry him on three occasions - but she said no. Jesse's doctor said that if he got friendly with Lorraine again , he would have another massive 'Breakdown'. So Jesse decided that he would like to meet a new girl.

Jesse wanted to meet & marry a christian girl, a girl who would encourage him in his christian life, & who he could encourage in the same way. & have three children.

But Jesse did still hold the dream that in the future he & Lorraine would enjoy what he called 'a seperate relationship' together.

Jesse's minister said that Jesse would meet the girl of his dreams at church.

Jesse went to church each week from the time that he became a 'Born-Again' christian at age thirty.

Jesse has not lived his life yet, he is still only thirty-eight - who knows what his future will be, but you know his dreams.

Jesse regularly reads from his Bible. He read the Old Testament, & the New Testament. He reads the Proverbs & the Psalms.

Jesse is a born-again christian & so is Lorraine & his son , Dylan.

Jesse became a born-again christian from reading these two peices of literature:
'Right With God' by John Blanchard, &
'Journey Into Life' by Norman Warren. He recommends these to everybody he recommends these to everybody who is interested in becoming a christian.

Jesse reads the Bible. & agrees that the Bible is a living book & that it talks into your life as you read it - Gods word.

Jesse claims the promise of the Bible:
'Delight yourself in the Lord, & He will give you the Desires of your heart'.

Jesse says: " The best day of my life is not the day that i get married, but the best day of my life is the day that i asked Jesus into my life".