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for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10


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Video Snapshot of Using VirtualDek 2.0 to Load and Mix two Trance Songs


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VirtualDek 2.0 is a Proffesional DJ Studio designed for the PC. It runs on Windows based platforms including Windows 98, ME, CE, 2000, 2003, NT, XP. VirtualDek 2.0 is the next generation in PC based DJ Mixing Software.

VirtualDek 2.0 gives you the power to create stunning DJ performances right from the comfort of your PC or Laptop. Use at Home or even at Live Events such as Clubs, Discos or Karaokes. You can drop songs directly onto the Decks for immediate results, then Spin and Scratch the Decks just like the real thing!

VirtualDek 2.0 now offers the ability to use a USB Headset to Cue and Monitor Decks. You can also use a Microphone with VirtualDek 2.0 and add vocals to your Mix, so attention all MC's ! 

No more ducking the fader when you speak into the MIC as VirtualDek 2.0 now offers a Voice-Over feature which automatically ducks the music for you!

VirtualDek 2.0 aims to satisfy those who require proffesional sounding results and who need Ease of Use, Flexibility and Speed. VirtualDek 2.0 offers superb Beatmatching that rivals other top selling DJ packages, keeping your Mixes Beat Perfect and your Tracks in time, therefore, saving you time !

VirtualDek 2.0 is based on simplicity and was designed to give the user the most Flexible, Powerful and Stress-Free DJ Mixing enviroment possible.

With VirtualDek 2.0 - The crowd will love you !


VirtualDek 2.0 features two Virtual Turntables which can be operated in exactly the same manner as the real thing. You can rotate or spin forward and backward, and scratch on the decks as you would in real life. You can even drag the Deck's Arm across the Record and drop at any position! Each deck features a precise Pitch control for those wishing to Beatmatch manually or who wish to drop or raise the BPM (Tempo) of their Mix.

Each deck has its own WaveDisplay which is effectively a Visual Map of the Song, this enables you to see where Beats or Breaks occur. This speeds up Cueing time drastically when searching for the start of a Beat or a Breakdown in a song. You can simply click anywhere in the WaveDisplay to start play at that position. You can drag a Selection within the WaveDisplay to Loop a section or Edit that section in the WaveEditor.

The WaveEditor allows you to define Audio Regions and to Zoom into the Waveform of the song to view it in greater detail. This enables you to Edit the Region Start and End positions precisely so that your Loops are Beat Perfect. it also enables you to Export any portion of the Waveform to an MP3, WMA or WAV file so that you can Reload it as a Sample into the VirtualDek 2.0 Sampler for use in a Mix, or even create Ringtones from it for your Mobile Phone !

Why not Enable AutoDJ then sit back and Relax while VirtualDek 2.0 does the Mixing for you! ( Simply press Key 'A' to Enable AutoDJ )

Information including Artist, Title and Song Duration and BPM are displayed on each deck keeping you informed at all times, and giving Reliability in your Performances.

In the Middle of the two Decks and above the Mixer section is a Beat Display which cleverly Visualises the Beats as Spikes. Use the BeatMatch button to Sync the Beats together or simply Drag the Spikes (Beats) in Line for perfect Beat Syncronization.


VirtualDek 2.0 incorporates a Proffesional quality 5-Channel 32-Bit Software Mixer that gives control over Channel Levels and other various parameters such as Effects (FX) Levels and Equalizer Controls.

The five channels include Deck A, Deck B, Master Out, Aux In, and Monitor. The effects onboard the mixer include a 4-pole VCF filter with 3 modes of operation including Low Pass, Band Pass and High Pass to allow you to add your own touch to your performance, and also, a linear Phaser which produces that same effect of running two identical records at the same position. With these Effects you can put some Punch into your Production that will enable you to build upon your Reputation as a DJ.

The effects do not end there and more effects are available seperate to the Mixer console including, Timestretching and our unique 'The Matrix Effect' ( Inspired from the Movie 'The Matrix' )

The Mixer includes a Monitor Channel so that you can use a USB Headset to Monitor the Deck you want to Silently Cue.

There are Mixer controls to Equalize the Master Out channel including Bass, Mid and Treble controls.

The Mixer accepts an Auxilliary input from your Windows Mixer, so if you have a Microphone connected, you can talk over your Mix and perform Voice Over. There is an Aux-In Enable control so that you can quickly turn the Aux-In (or Microphone) channel On or Off at the flick of a switch without adjusting Fader levels.

One Feature on the Mixer which adds that Proffessional Touch to your Productions is the Voice-Over (VO) feature which when Enabled, will Duck the Volume Level of the Music whenever you speak into the Microphone. This effect used to be done manually by lowering the level of the Deck when you spoke into the Microphone and is now automated, saving you time, energy and stress !


VirtualDek 2.0 incorporates a fully flexible Playlist which you can Add songs to easily. You can Move, Delete and Sort items in the Playlist at the touch of a button or by dragging the Songs up and down using your Mouse. You can add or insert songs from your Hard Drive such as MP3's, WMA's and WAV files and can even Import Songs from your Audio CD collection.

A Fully Featured Media Search Engine is built into the Playlist which allows you to Search your Computers Hard Drive for Songs by entering information such as the Song Title, Artist or even the Genre (Trance for Example). The Media Search Utility will collect all of these Songs into one convenient place where you can add them to your Playlist.

One very useful Feature built into the Playlist is the Media Pool. This is a Database System which will keep a Record of all the Songs that you ever add to the Playlist so that you can use it to construct new playlists Quickly and Easily from your favorite Songs.

Each Playlist item can have Five Audio Regions defined. An Audio Region is a Region of the song that you can define a Start and End position to, for example 1:13 to 2:45 (mins/secs). This Region of Audio may be a Beat or a particular section of a song that you may wish to Play, Cue, Trigger or Loop.

Audio Regions can be Played, Cued, Triggered or Looped at the touch of a button from the Keyboard allowing you to effectively remix any tune. The ability to define Audio Regions means that you can Cue to any point of any Song and use more time to prepare for your Productions before you actually go out there to peform Live! Being able to do these type of actions in your performance are what ultimately builds your Unique Reputation as a DJ.

Once a Playlist is contructed, you can then Launch it and begin Mixing your Production together. You may wish to Rehearse your Mix a few times before going Live to an Event or Recording it to Disk.

Once fully satisfied with a Playlist, you can Save it to the Playlist List. The Playlist List contains all of your Saved Playlists and you can Load, Edit or Launch any Playlist at the Click of your Mouse.

A Fully Functional Recorder is built into VirtualDek 2.0 which will enable you to Record your Performances. Recordings will be Added into the Recordings List. From this Recordings List, you can Play back your Recordings or Export them as MP3, WMA or WAV files. You can even Create and Burn your own Audio CD's or DVD's from your Recordings !


VirtualDek 2.0 incorporates a 32-Bit, 8-Note Polyphonic Sampler. Samples can be Loaded into each Pad from MP3, WMA or WAV files on your Hard Drive. Samples can be Triggered to Play from the Keyboard (F1 to F8). Samples can be Edited in the Sample Editor where parameters such as Pitch, Pitch Bend, Amplitude, Pan Position can be Modified. You can even add Filter effects to the Samples in the Sample Editor.

Also Featured is a Settings Control Panel where you can Configure your Soundcard Hardware to work perfectly with VirtualDek 2.0, and also change other various Settings to Optimize Performance with your Computer.


Use VirtualDEK 2.0 to :

Mix MP3,WMA,WAV,CDA together with FX and Vocals

Do Live DJ Club performances

Produce Voice Over productions

Peform Live/Recorded Karaoke

Run Live Radio stations

Front Panel
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Sample Editor
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Wave Editor
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Import Audio CD
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Create & Burn Audio CD
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Export Audio
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Media Search Utility
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Media Pool Database
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Settings Control Panel
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Playlist Item Properties
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Choose Export Format
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  • Scratching, Spinbacks
  • Beatmatching
  • AutoDJ Feature
  • Playlist Editor
  • Audio Recorder
  • 8 Note Polyphonic Sampler
  • Can Monitor with USB Headset
  • Full Media Search Utility
  • Media Pool Database
  • FX including Filter, Phaser
  • Special FX including 'The Matrix Effect' and Timestretching
  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Supports Import and Export of MP3, WMA, WAV and CD Audio
  • Imports Audio CD Albums
  • Burns Mixes direct to Audio CD or DVD
  • Fast and Easy to use



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